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Spring is here, puppy will be soon




Well just an update on our life. The active release continues, more tomorrow and Thursday. My range of motion for the left arm has dramatically improved. Pain is way down, but the bad news is that arm strength is not what I want it to be. I can reach up high, but don't have the strength to lift much more than a coffee cup up high. I really want to work on that, but am afraid I will hurt the shoulder again if I try too hard. So now it is a waiting game, waiting for the shoulder to strengthen with the light exercises I now do until I can add more weight bearing exercises. Rather like which came first, the chicken or the egg. If I don't work the shoulder it won't get stronger, but if I work it too hard, it will get sore again. Sigh. The good news is that both legs have gotten much stronger. I can now walk quite a distance with a normal gait, and don't have to think about it too much anymore. The foot no longer turns inward, and doesn't drag unless I get tired or lazy.


My friend "Mike" (a stroke survivor) has ridden his bike 7 miles non-stop. He signed up for a 25 mile tour in August. Lesley and I plan to go there and cheer him on. I picked up the canoe yesterday again, but am not happy with how I do it. Must work on my technique some more. Mike got after me and told me to get out there and practice more. I will. Fishing season opens in two weeks, I must get stronger. I will.


A change on "Tippy" our new puppy. Lesley really wanted the tri-color female. I finally agreed, and we will pick her up in a week or so, she is ready now (two months old). Same name, it is a more female sounding name anyway. Dickons, you will still get a picture. We have been busy puppy proofing the house, cords, etc. Lesley already has a list of "must haves" at the pet store next time in Duluth. This will be one spoiled dog. We changed because we already have a female Bichon that has been fixed, and we were concerned that even "fixed" a male might still get interested. Also, due to the "plumbing", when a girl puppy has an "accident" at least it is confined to the area directly under it. When a boy has an "accident", it can be wherever they raise their leg, not always a good thing in the house. Anyway, the breeder was quite cooperative and helpful. Anyway, I also am excited to be getting Tippy and have a companion to go out with me into the woods when Lesley is not available and hopefully Tippy will eventually be canoe trained for fishing.


I will feel a bit more secure walking alone in the woods with a good sized dog along. Black bears really don't like dogs and will stay away. Tippy will alert me to any other dangers out there, some of which are more concerning to me now. The wolves have been getting a bit more aggressive lately and a few cougars have been reported in the area. I do plan to carry "bear spray" from now on, it is a super can of high powered mace. Hopefully that and a dog will keep me safe, running is no longer an option. The threats really aren't that bad, but I am more aware of them than previously.


Must start my exercises now, today is a full workout day.



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The shoulder will come in His time I do believe as everything else.


Congrats on the changing Tippy. I'm sure she is just as sweet - you're definitely right about the training process and "accidents" with females vs. males.


The bear spray sounds awesome but what about deterrment for wolves?

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Wolves are not a great threat, especially with a dog handy, although a healthy wolf could easily handle any domestic breed dog. The spray should hopefully be effective on any animal. I may be a bit over cautious, but when it's you and the animals in the woods, you want to be careful. Having said that, in over 40 years in the woods around here, I have only seen a few wolves and a bear or two. Did have a moose and two calves walk thru Lesley's and my camp early one morning a few years ago. Woke us right up.

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Let's just hope and pray that no "wild" critter gets close enough for you to have to use spray or for Tippy to get attacked.

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Hi George Congrats on Tippy, I saw the pics in the gallery so will wait for new Tippy...


It is good to be prepared and cautious. People have been attacked around here (Seattle area) hiking. We have coyotes ... we here them, we had llamas which were a good deterent.


Yes working on shoulders and muscles... to find a happy medium without over-doing. Happy to hear of your progress



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Hi George,


I can't wait to see the new puppy either! Sooner is always better than waiting too.


I go to a cardiac rehab class and the kinestiologist (sp) told us that if we slow each rep down it helps build more muscle regardless of the weight - perhaps that would help now without hurting (hard to put in words), if you know what I mean.


Take care,


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