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Another late night in the ER




:( Yesterday, my hubby and I had gone to see my dad's lawyer for the reading of the will, after it was done and we were heading home, my hubby, Joe, had extreme pain in his abdomen. He's had this before, it's due to the surgery he had Dec of 2005 for the esophageal cancer removal. We arrived at the ER around 5:30pm and they were full so they offered for Joe to sit in a wheelchair and he declined, said pain was too intense to sit, so they offered for him to lay down on one of the waiting area's sofas. It was 90 minutes before they could come get to him to take him back to the ER area. Then it was another hour before they brought him a pain med. Of course, by this time, it had been a long time since the pain had started and it took 4 shots of the delauted to phase the pain. The pain had gotten way ahead of the ability to control it. They waited a full hour between each shot to allow time to let the pain med work. They admitted him overnight after they stuck a tube down his nose to suction off what contents he had in his 'stomach'. They gave Joe a dose of pain med every 2 hours throughout the night. This pain he has has been a mystery to all the doctors and medical persons he's seen. May 18 he has an appointment to see the doc where he had the surgery. I really am holding out hope that they will have some anwers since they've had other patients who've had this type of surgery.

Anyway, Joe didn't get any sleep until after 5am when the pain was gone enough to let him sleep.


Needless to say, I am wasted tired.


It seems that when it rains, it pours!!! :(




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This is Ray's log on but this is from Sue.


Janice it is very hard to watch someone you love in pain. I am so sorry Joe is going through this after all he has been through. He is a good man and this is so hard for him too.


I hope the doctor's find out how to stop the pain from happening. It seems such a small thing to ask.E.Rs are crowded and slow all over the world, too bad they can't respond quicker.


Glad you are back posting here again. It is a supportive site and we although we can only do so much we can send you virtual hugs. :friends: :friends:

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Yes hope Joe is doing better, and the pain doesn't come back like this.


Hoping the dr's come up with an answer and can make the pain stop.


((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Bonnie

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Sorry to hear about both your dad's passing and your husband's medical issues. I hope they get to the source of the pain and make it go away for good!


Hang in there. You are stronger than you think.



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