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my issues




my name is kerry and i am codependent


i think


this is something i am learning about and do not fully understand


i was first told that i was codependent by my husband about 4 years ago


he was in rehab recovering from a drug dependency


one of the first things he told me when he came home was about my codependency issues


i of course figured he was just looking for someone to blame for his addictions


so i got all defensive and went on line and started to read up on codependency


what i read hit to close to home and not wanting to admit that i had anythng wrong with me


i shoved the codependency issue way in the back of my mind and continued on with my life


it has always nagged at me though


and as of late especially with my mom and husband losing his job and not being able to effectively communicate to family that I am sinking and need help


my codependency issues seem to have reared their ugly little heads




but this time i have decided to take control


i want to be happy


granted things in my life are far from perfect but for me to always be feeling like i am barely keeping it together


tears always on the rim of my eyes


the breakdown just around the next corner


the lid i have put on my feelings starting to pop up


i have sought help


i have an appointment with a therapist next week


i am going to make the time to fix me and learn to deal better with my feelings and problems


maybe this will help maybe not


it can't hurt i guess


at least maybe I will get some good drugs out of it


haha just kidding













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I am so glad to hear you have an appointment with a therapist to work on codependency issues. :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: to you. That's the first step towards being a happier you.


Here's a link for you also: . This is Codependents Anonymous.


Best of luck and (((Hugs))) are coming your way.

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Good Luck You have made the first step.


I was going through a divorce, I met a friend she was going to adult children of Alcholics meeting and then found the co-dependt meetings, she asked me to go with her. So I thought why not...


WOW.... yes I had a wake up call. I am now in a relationship/marriage of 15 years. I learned about myself and why my marriage broke up.. and why I was picking the type of men I had...


Taking the first step is a BIG deal and YES you deserve and have every right to be happy. YOU GO GIRL



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