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not close enough

cheer mama



The nurse from the Northstar trial called yesterday to tell me that the trial was full and they wouldn't need me anymore. I guess that is good news and bad. My kids were scared about the surgery part, so now no worries also no therapy.

On other fronts, My third year anniversary of survival just passed. My daughter found out that she will be awarded a scholarship for college. We are thrilled to say the least. This will be a busy month. Prom is this weekend, graduation in three weeks.




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congratulations on your 3rd stroke anniversary, & for your daugter's scholarship, about Northstar, something beter will come along




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Congrats on the 3rd anniversary and to your daughter for the scholarship. Hope she has a great and safe time at Prom. And Congrats to her on upcoming graduation.


As to Northstar....everything happens for a reason....and maybe it was not meant for you to participate in the trial. Something better will come along for you.

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I agree with both Asha and Donna; something better will come along. Trials are so "iffy". You could be in the control group and still not be getting the good and think of the disappointment.


Do you have a plan B? Are you doing the exercises that you were shown and did in therapy? If so, great, continue. If not start. I know that many of the evercises I was given were gotten from the internet but I don't know where - but I doubt that it was a site for therapists. It could have been, but there's a chance that some are on line just as eye exercises are.


And yes, the news aboutyour daughter is great! This is a beginning of a new life for her. You must give us all the details about her gown and all. Brings back memories and to be honest, I am plain nosey. LOL!



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