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Living day to day




I have so many frustrations and concerns. I get frustrated most when I go to tell My mother something and I have to tell it from the starting to the end. Or I find somthing that is funny But when I retell it to her she doesn't find it that funny. My mother and brother have fought right there with me. Everyday I struggle and everyday I struggle more. With out them I wouldnot be here.



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Welcome to the Blog Community! :D The frustration you are experiencing is common. I still have my moments, and I am two years post. I get frustrated with my Mother based on her persistent denial of the stroke. I think my frustration has diminished somewhat over time; however, on a bad day I keep a very low profile.


It will get easier.

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hey Natasha:


welcome to our blog community, Since I don't visit message board don't know much about you, so willappreciate if you tell me little about yourself in your next blog, your blogs will be my window in your world.




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