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Bad News...




I mentioned in an earlier blog that my mom was having TIA's and they were making her really sick. Her doctor finally had her get some extensive tests done. She got results yesterday, and it wasn't particularly good news. It turns out that she actually had a stroke about two weeks ago. She doesn't have any residual effects, but her doctor is really concerned. :( He has changed her meds and stuff.


I am freaking out, quite frankly. Very little scares me more than me or someone I know having a stroke. It terrifies me and is part of the reason that I am on medication and probably will be for the rest of my life.





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I will be lying if I say stroke does not scare me, but next good point to look at is isn't it great blessings that she does not have major problems after stroke, it's good doctors now try to get her health under control with different medicines.


Hope you get all your problems sorted out.






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It is good that you have received answers rather than just wondering "what if?" Not knowing can be much worse.


I sincerely hope the meds will keep everything in balance.



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Actually this was a blessing in difguise. Fortunately, no real harm was done. With today's meds, we know unfortunately, that many cause more harm than the good they are intended for. This said, knowing and changing the meds is really "great" news. If it was the cause and they were continued, what then.


An odd way to look at this but we must look for the good in everything - yes, even strokes.

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