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Ups and Downs



Up and Down. That sums up my life recently, and literally the past few days.


For starters, me and my right index finger have been at odds lately. My finger wants to hang around, the rest of me seems determined to see it go. First thing I did to it was slice the tip of it about 1/4" deep with a serrated "bread" knife that was inadvertantly placed in my kitchen drawer. The knife's natural home is safely in it's cardboard sheath in my silverware drawer. The knife was put away by a well intended man in my house in the cooking utensil drawer, patiently lying in wait for my finger. I went rummaging through the drawer and the rest is history.


Just as it was almost healed, Oops, I Did it Again. Only this was at work, with a so-called "safety knife". This knife is made for cutting boxes, and has a protective cover over the blade that you are suppose to hold down with your thumb as you cut. As soon as you let go of the cover, it slips back over the blade. This was a brand new one, and it wouldn't open. Short story long (typical me :) ), when I tried to get the cover off (holding it backwards to pry it open), it snapped open all the sudden and embedded in the side of my almost recooperated index finger. Only this time, I instantly knew there was something WRONG. Almost two weeks later, the wound has healed quite a bit, but the top half of my finger is numb on one side, and the wound area is very sensitive. Not infected-sensitive, raw nerve-kind-of-sensitive. Doctor says there is nothing that can be done except to wait and see what happens. It may get better, it may never. I AM SO STUPID!!!!! And graceful I might add...


The literal ups and downs..well...


I had been looking forward to my three days off in a row last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday was productive, I spent it doing errands and cleaning the house (oh ya, and going to a follow-up for my stupid suicidal finger). I wanted to be able to spend the next two days enjoying my time off, guilt free.


Friday started off well, Patrick and I went to Longmont, grabbed some lunch at their local brew-pub, and just enjoyed our afternoon together. We went home, grilled some burgers in the evening, and built a fire in the chimnea that night. Patrick, Brandon, and I roasted a few marshmallows, made some smores, and listened to some Van Morrison on the stereo. I was so excited because I had "scheduled" myself to sleep in Saturday, the first time I could do that in weeks. It was going to be the perfect way to end my last morning off.


And then I woke up at 3am. And shortly after that, the "UP"'s began. :yikes: And at 6am, the "Up"'s began again. I didn't have to worry about sleeping in, sleeping was not an option. I was sure that if I looked at my belly that it would look like I was 9 months pregnant. Maybe 10. And if a slimey alien had burst out, well, it wouldn't have shocked me.


I was feeling awful all day Saturday, and had another episode of the "Up"'s in the evening. I have not been so sick in...forever? Very weird though, only had the"Up"'s, everything else was fine.Not even a fever. Not sure if it was food poisoning or what, but no one else got ill. I can tell you in all honesty that I don't if I'll ever be able to eat another smore again.


Sunday and Monday went pretty well, and I was thankful for the "Down"'s, as everything stayed where it should. Now I am feeling a little queezy again, but nothing like on Saturday. I can handle this...Pray for the "Down"'s please... :(





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I will definitely pray for the "downs" for you. Over this past weekend, I had a case of the "outs". Any which way you look at it, the toss up (no pun intended_ between Ups vs Downs or Ins vs Outs isn't fun.

Hope you feel better.

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