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so much stuff, so little time



Again sorry I havent posted. But I'm here so that's all that counts. The talent show went fine I suppose, many people made fun of me because I was so nervous. :unsure: but I got through it and it was a blast.


What is new in my life......Well school is over in 2 days!!!!! :happydance: I'm sooooooo excited except the fact I may be moving and leaving all my friends. But I digress! School finals are a pain. My biology teacher is making us take a 9 :o page final!!!!!! And he hasnt been our teacher all year so we dont know everything. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


As for my personal life I feel I have been a let down to my family and my friends. I've been procrastinating things and just being a lazy bum. So to my mom who is reading this...SORRY!


I guess thats about see you all soon!


:groupwave: hahahahah i luv these icons!!!


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you are very good kid, your mom & you both r fortunate to have each other in their life




Ditto! (Boy, just how lazy can I get?)

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Dear Daughter of Mine :mwah: ,


You are not a lazy bum, procrastinator yes, lazy bum no! :big_grin: Just remember ALL the promises you made to me in order to obtain permission for that HUGE sleepover - I must be :insane: to have agreed. You are a good con artist - someday you will have a husband wrapped around your :thumbs up:

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Goodjob on the talent show.. pre stage jitters happen to most...


My grandson will be moving to another area when school is out, but he is really excited about the move.. he will be starting High school in the fall.


I always knew my daughter "wanted something" I wowuld come home from work and the house would be *beep* and span clean or all the chores were done without reminding..LOL


You are a wonderful daughter and we are all "proud" of you.




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the big think is you were in it and you made it through :cheer: , I'll bet none of the other performers would make fun of you, the only ones who would are ones that wouldn't be able to handle it themslves and are jealous because you did something and they didn't :big_grin: . I gave up worrying what other people think of me, unless they are family or friends and that was before my stroke. so don't sweat the small stuff :hiya: , as the mayonnaise jar and two cups of coffee post, you are filling your life with the important stuff. I'm glad your mom has you. :hug: :dribble:

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