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Today I took Patrick for an evaluation for an evaluation (yes, I meant to say that twice) with a neuropsychologist.


His therapists recommended getting a neuro-psych test done, which they say will give them more in-depth answers to Patrick's cognative and I believe physical abilities. I guess they hope to use the info they learn to focus their attention on what will best help Patrick achieve his personal goals. At $30 an hour, and a minimum of 10+ hours for the actual test, the background info (what we did today) and their recommendations, I hope it is money well spent.


The facility where he is getting the testing done also does Bioness therapy, driving evaluations and driving lessons for those with deficits for whatever reason. When I mentioned these services to Patrick, he just beemed. We are already in the paperwork phase of getting into the bioness, and driving is certainly tops on Patrick's TO-DO list. I actually went to get in our new car the other day, and noticed the seat had been moved. I had driven our old car to work that day, and while I was gone he had decided to sit in the drivers seat for the first time to see how it felt. I think he knows better than to try to drive, but I guess I better make sure I take the keys with me when I drive the old car just to keep him and pedestrians safe.


Still not feeling so great, but I am trudging along okay. I hope I can be back to 100% soon, as we have a big walk coming up June 2. Another stroke survivor has asked Patrick to participate in a 5k walk/run to benefit Habitat for Humanity. I was thinking I would walk too, but I am scheduled to work that afternoon, so I am trying to determine if I am too out of shape to do a 5K walk in the morning and then work all night. If I don't start feeling better soon, I won't have to worry about it.


Take Care Everyone,







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Glad to hear you're slowly recovering from the "ups". I do hope the evaluation is a favorable one for Patrick. Yes, I agree, it would be smart to take the car keys with you so he doen't get any grand ideas. You know how men can be.

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I think you could call your blog "HIs Excellency" that is a nice "title"...lol.


I think it sounds good to have an overall idea of what Patrick can achieve as he is still at an age when he needs a "future". And if that involves getting back behind the wheel again it will give him so much more freedom - and you will find it gives you more freedom too. Just hand him a shopping list for starters!


Anything you do for the betterment of humanity, like the 5k walk for a charity makes you feel as if you are making a contribution to society and is worthwhile. That is why I try to get Ray to participate in a little service work for Lions still, to be out there and to maintain/improve his self esteem.


Thanks for dropping into chat today, it went well despite competing with American Idol...lol.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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If Patrick does not have any vision defect then allowing him to drive will do so much for his self esteem, I drive only local ( less than 5 miles), and for for first 6 months drove with hubby, as soon as I started driving I saw world of difference in my attitude, now I have can do attitude for everything, once again I started participating in life.




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Hi Kristen... I must say I opened this blog with some trepidition.. hoping your finger was still attached.. (have the bandaids and gauze ready)


Glad the ups are better. but if you r not feeling up to par a 5 k walk. and then a work shift could be a bit much for your body...


Hoping the tests work out for Patrick to get the right PT, therapy etc.


I started driving.. but started with short distances first, until I felt comfortable. I still do not have to do any BIG citty or rush hour traffic driving. We live in a small town and it is 17 miles to the other towns..with stores, Dr's and shopping. Taking the keys is a good idea.

Although I did start driving by going up and down our drive. (which is about 1,000 feet or more to the road. Then i would go a mile or 2 and come home.


Best of luck to you all..

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Thanks All,


Driving would give Patrick so much independance not to mention self esteem, and I want it for him almost as much as he does. The biggest factor, which there are several, is the seizure issue.


Patrick is in the process of switching from one anti-seizure med to a new one due to break-through seizures. His last seizure was in January, so in Patrick's mind, he is now seizure free. I have tried and tried to get him to understand that until we see how he does on this new med (remember he is not completely off the old one yet), it just isn't safe to take the next step towards driving yet. I have told him everywhich way, including having the doctor explain why he needs to wait, and he just can not understand our reservations. He does get though that I want him to drive too, I just want to take the proper steps to get there.


Talk to you all soon,


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