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Welcome Back Bob



It's only been a gazillion years since I blogged last, but here I am today, feeling pretty good after a bowl of Chili-Chicken Soup. Very tasty, indeed.


I feel I have been neglecting my duties here on StrokeNet the past month. Honestly, I have been very busy with a myriad of things, but I promised myself today that I would make a better effort to be on the boards more, sharing my vast expanse of knowledge. :big_grin:


My radio station has been the most time intensive project recently. I did a major overhaul of my website and I think I am too proud of myself for the work. Being a Christian, I haven't given God enough thanks for the talent He has given me to accomplish this endeavor. Nevertheless, I do believe it looks tons better and I hope others do too.


Funny. When I started getting this going months ago, I thought it would be a hobby that I could leave alone a bit once I got it running. It has been a process of toil and sweat nearly every day. Something is always demanding my attention with this station, not that I really mind. I do enjoy it, though it has its frustrations at times. The major thing right now is funds. I found a few ways to cut costs, but it is taking up a bit more revenue than I originally thought.


On to other matters. My health has been up and down. I still fight CPS and that is probably the most annoying thing. Today is a good day, with just a little burning in various areas of my body. I had a four day stretch recently, when I thought I was not going to handle it. I am glad that passed for now. Not much anybody can do about it. I've tried several different medications and none work. I have paradoxical reactions to many drugs. I know; I'm weird.


I haven't gone back to work yet. I'm trying to let Social Security get their act together, and either approve or disapprove my disability claim. Either way, I'll probably work some. It's time to get back into the big wide world of the working class.


It's starting to get toasty here again. We had a few 90+ degree days in the past month, but it is fast approaching the norm. It will be pushing 90 much of the rest of the week. I'm sure 100 degrees is not that far off. What's nice though, is that it makes the evenings very nice after the mosquitos leave for the day. So, the late evenings are very pleasant to be outside.


Well, I'm off to get a cup of joe and on to the message boards.


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Welcome back to the community Bob. You needed dusting off - a little dusty around the edges :big_grin:

Glad to hear things are going good but busy with the radio station. You can't say you are bored that's for sure. Social Security Disability is really taking awhile for you to receive the word. Hopefully the no news is good news.


From what I've heard I was lucky to get approved on the first go around as well as in within the 6 months time-frame they provided. As of June 1st it will be 2 years on SSDI - I then go onto Medicare also.

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Hi.. welcome back to blogs.. I often have to blow the dust off mine. don't mind the dust as long as there are no spiders.. I don't do spiders!!


Glad your station is keeping you busy and hope the funds and everything work out for you!!!!


Yes Dr and I were both very surprised also I was approved on the first try for SSDI. Maybe each division should have someone to handle stroke claims (with traiing & or experience.)


I think we will hit 72 tomorrow, haven't had any 70's for more than a week, in fact we had the heat on last week a few days..LOL



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