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I went to the fair



On Saturday I went to the fair with some girls I met. I tried to enjoy myself but it was very hard. First I had to get a ride from my mom and we had to sit and wait for one of the girls to get there so I wouldn't be alone. My mom got very restless very fast and she started to make everything into a big deal. If only I could drive myself, that could have been avoided. By the time the girl got there, I wasen't even excited anymore. She and her friend had to help me get on every single ride (even picking me up once). We were always last to get off he rides holding up the line so the girls could help me get my leg out of the ride once I got my strong side out. It was a Saturday night and the last night of the fair. There was majority young black teenagers like myself only they looked like they were enjoying themselves unlike myself. My dad told me not to get on any rides but I didnt want to waste money so I only rode the "kiddy" ides. When the girls got on the big rides, I stood at the exit and waited. A couple of times they left me because they couldn't find me and I could not see them. It was so hard being in such a big crowd of people especially it being dark outside. I could not get on the good rides. I could not play the games for prizes because I knew it would be a waste of money since it is easier to shoot a ball with 2 hands and it would help to have better vision when you are aiming for a prize. At the conclusion of the night, I needed a ride home. Once again everything was made into such a big deal. Finally my brother came to get me. I have to say, I did not enjoy my night. Sometimes I feel like everytime I try to do something, it is such a bother to everyone else. Sometimes I'd rather be in my bed typing at my laptop than anywhere else in this world because it is just so much easier and I dont have to bother anyone for anything


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I give you all the credit in the world for even attempting to attend a fair. I don't think I would have been as brave. Unfortunately, there are those who just do not understand when someone cannot move as quickly as them. And that does not mean those people are mean, they just have not walked in our shoes to grasp the entire concept of our disabilities. My daughter who is my #1 supporter and by my side daily will lose site of the fact that I cannot quickly move around; she's 14.


Was your Mom getting upset waiting for your friend being a protective Mom? Don't place yourself in hybernation because of the actions of a few. There are so many people out in the world who are compassionate and understanding. You have alot to offer the world young one.

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Katrina, even when you are older life goes so much faster for able bodied people. Ray and I can't keep up with our able bodied friends as pushing a wheelchair restricts where you can go and how fast you can go. BUT that does not mean you give in and stay home, it means you go out knowing it will be difficult and deal with the difficulties as they arise.


Good for you. This is your first attempt at going to the State Fair so next year you will be prepared for the difficulties and maybe able to go on one or two of the more difficult rides. Plan it ahead in your mind and your body will follow. Glad you have friends who want to go with you. Forgive your mum, she is just being who she is, I complained about transporting my kids too. Keep smiling, and use all your determination to enjoy life.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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I think you are wonderful for getting out and going :cheer: , I know difficulties can take a lot of the fun out of things, maybe you and your friends can go see a new movie coming out, you are young and have many things to sample in this world, I say go for things, I have always followed a different drummer and it sounds like you are following your own drummer :laughbounce: also, people will not always understand so you will need to develop strength to keep going, having a handicap makes thing difficult so before you go plan out as best you can how to work around them and still be able to enjoy, feel free to post things you would like to do and we will try to help you see the pitfalls :chat: you can be up against so you will be able to enjoy it as much as you can. this is still a precious memory you will always have and when you get old like me you will take it out and hold it in your minds heart

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first and foremost I am proud of you attempting to go to state fair and enjoy like any other teenagers. I am sure it's difficult to enjoy when sometime you feel so inadequate, but focus on things you can do, you were able to get on those kiddie rides so what you were the last one to get in and out but you fact is you went is big deal, mom making big deal about waiting, I am sure she was frustrated at your friends for not showing up on time and not at you.


It's easy to stay inside and give up, but God has given wonderful life for a reason, and whil e we are in his journey make it fun for everyone including yourself.




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Kristina, I was wondering where you had been. Aside from what the others had said, I have this............


In a few months, you have a new life starting. Take some time now and plan it. I hope you get a great room mate and someone who will understand. That is the start. Then there are going to be all the new people in classes. Yes, you are different, but maybe they know someone who also has problem and they will understand. My friend has a daughter who has CP and she met a group of other others with handicaps when she was in school. They have been doing things together for years. One girl has a sight problem, another something else. One person may excel at one thing and another at something else- someone may be able to see better and you have a brain in case someone doesn't use theirs as well.


Remember, just a few months away and it will be all yours. Just be a little more patient.



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Yes getting out is good for you, so what if people had to wait an extra minute for you to get off. I went to the county fair with daughter and grandson. I found a bench to sit and wait while they rode the rides.. I was the official holder of purses jackets, prizes, etc. They knew where to find me after the ride and I had all the "stuff".


Yes, I have heard some rides are really not "safe" for a survivor. We enjoyed walking around and looking at the booths and exhibits. I am assuming this was more of a "carnival" than a fair with booths, animals and things to look at.


As Phyllis says.. soon you will be starting your "new" life with school and new friends. Getting together for study groups or coffee will be more on a par with what you will enjoy.


Your mom may have been worried that your friends wouldn't show up for you. I used to drive my daughter .. and friends, we usually tried to have one parent drive and another pick them up.


I don't think you are a hermit.. and soon you will have college friends, and as Phyllis said you may meet others with handi caps and form a close group to do things together also

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Dear Katrina--I know its hard when someone rains on your parade for you to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes, their attitude or negativity has nothing to do with you. You are just there; you may be used as a target. But what is happening is really their problem. You are not the problem. If you keep this in mind, perhaps it will help you keep you positive attitude.


Someone once asked me, rhetorically, how I could be so egotistical to think everyone's problems revolved around me? Other people have issues that have nothing to do w/ us.


I think you are very brave to take on the challenge of a fair. That is a big whopping mountain to whack down. Good for you for taking that challenge on. Now, perhaps you will think of smaller steps to conquer your next mountain. Don't worry, taking smaller steps on the next mountain will still get you to the top, just might take a little longer.


I understand you will be going off to college. Perhaps that will be your next "mountain." You will find college is different than high school. There are more people you get to meet w/ varying backgrounds. You have broader horizons. You can make college a great experience. As in many things in life, you can choose to bring in certain people in your life. I am not advocating leaving your "old" friends behind; just that you can mix your "new" friends in w/ your "old" ones and what a great stew that will make.


I know its so easy to curl up in a ball and write in your computer but life is not meant to be lived that way. We humans are social animals and we need to be around people. You are what you make of your life. Don't let your friends and family lose out on the interesting person you are. You are unique and therefore, you have so much to offer the world. Even your quirks that you may have are unique to the world and are there to be appreciated and loved. Pls stay in the world and be the best you can be. You have so many opportunities coming your way. Take Care. LK

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I'm sorry you werent as excited when you got there. And the games are total rip offs....not matter what I ALWAYS end up losing! Your friends were very nice helping you go on rides....and just to let you know the merry go round is the best ride!


If you go another time...hope you have a blast

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