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One Perfect Day

Betty Jean


Well, it's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog but there has been so much going on around here that it's no surprise to me. However now, I just needed to write in because I thought it might help me get my head on straight.


See, I went to the doctor because I had this bump gtowing on my head. I figured it was a cyst or something like that ans he would send me to someone to have it taken off. However, the doc looked at it and said it was a tumor. GOD I hate that word. Then he said he thought it might be benign but he didn't know for sure because he isn't a dermatologist so it could possibly be malignant. The doc wanted to try a treatment on it first. till we know for sure After all that, please understand that I have decided I'm not going anywhere! Malignant or not, I want the tumor off of my head and that is that! Jim has need of me so I can't be crossing over just yet. I had this thought, though.


IF I COULD HAVE ONE PERFECT DAY BEFORE I GO WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE? Would Jim be healed? Would I want my whole family around me? Maybe I would rather spend it alone with God. Maybe I would want to spend it pretending I wasn't sick at all and just go out and do a little partying, Maybe I would want to spend it ministering to others. It's an interesting thought and one that I have been playing with since the word tumor came into my life. If you could have ONE PERFECT DAY, what would yours be like?


Love to All,

Betty Jean


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Betty Jean, first things first:




Now to answer your question. I think I would spend it with my Mum, my husband Ray and as many of my kids and grandkids as I could get here for the day. Mum would be a bit of a problem as she has severe dementia now but I guess we would find some way around that, like maybe asking the dementia lodge if we could pay one of their workers to come with her for the day. I would have the day catered for, like a party, lots to eat and drink, and just talk and laugh and enjoy each ones company as much as I was able.


Having said that, you go see the specialist, do what you have to do to keep going and I wish you a long and happy life.


(((HUGS))) from Sue.

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[bYour birthday today? If so, have a happy.


To answer your question, since we really know when that day will be, I guess we should enjoy each as if it would be the last. I'm sure none of us knew the morning we (or our loved one) stroked, we weren't planning that. That is why our symbol is a lightning rod.


I must admit that some of your thoughts were interesting.


So my answer would be - nothing special. I just want to enjot each day to its fullest.[/color[/b]

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Betty Jean,


First, Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! Please see the specialst - you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Obviously, none of us know when our number will be called. It is thought that some individuals "know". I think that if I were to know this was it....I'd do what my former Father-in-law did the day prior to his massive heart attack. He visited with all his family and friends. He also went to the park where he used to walk their Brittany Spaniel Coco (Coco had passed 2 years prior). The police found him in his car in an isolated part of the park. I would want to be in a peaceful place like that, having first spent some quality time with loved ones.

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Dear Betty Jean-- Everyday I wake up, I am astounded I am still around. The dr. said I could live 10+ years or something could happen to burst my aneurysm and that would be it.


My family says anyone of us could be killed any day and they go on w/ their lives. My friends, God bless them, come and take me away when they can. I can't drive (not a good idea, that!) so I am limited to places I can go unless someone provides transportation.


I don't like to sound maudlin but has anyone ever thought of uninviting people to their funeral? I don't want anyone being morbid, so I would dearly love to uninvited some family members to whatever memorial service I might have. But then, I won't have any say in the matter. Funerals are for those who are left behind.


My last day, I would like the weather to be breezy, sunny, not too hot and I would be by the water with my friends and family laughing and joking. I would have a dog and s/he would be lying beside me so I could pet him/her. I would have a beer or a margarita in my hand and would've finished a sumputous meal w/ chocolate for dessert. Take Care. LK

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