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Happy Day



Today is a happy day! Wes is having a stronger day; it is our anniversary -- and he REMEMBERED!! -- and our youngest grandchild (15 months) came over to visit today. He loves his "Grammie and Poppie", and we adore him. He is the happiest child I have ever seen. He knows that "Poppie" has troubles, and just sits in his chair, so every time he enters the room (and he runs around constantly), he raises his arm up straight and wavies "Hi!" to Poppie! Makes Wes just smile and smile as he waves back! We played and laughed, he had lunch, then he and Mamma went home. The visit was just the right length of time -- didn't tire Poppie out -- and we had a ball! Our kids are so generous with us.


So I have much to be thankful for; and much to be happy about!


Thanks be to the Lord for his unspeakable gifts!! :big_grin: :hahaha:


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