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Well today is my 53rd birthday and I haven't written anything for a very long time. I also had another milestone today. After stroking on 11/20/05 and not working for the rest of the school year, I completed a full year of teaching Algebra II and Precalculus to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. for me it was quite an accomplishment. I began the year using a cane and put notes on an overhead projector. I ditched the cane in December and started using the blackboard after 2 weeks. My students were wonderful therapy on my road to acceptance, which has been a hot topic here lately. These days you always hear negative things about young people these days, but my students really helped me come to grips with my disability. I still walk very slowly and my knee still kicks back (not very pretty), but my students acted like there was not a thing wrong and treated me as if I were normal. As I sit here typing, I have tears in my eyes, because I will never be able to tell them how much they have done for me without crying. Like has been said many times we have to be thankful for all that we have, although we may not be our old selves, we can be better new selves. Never give up hope, I feel that I am getting a little better everyday.


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Congrats to you for completing the school year and for the progress you've made. :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:


Contrary to some beliefs, there are god teenagers out there - glad to hear your students were so supportive.

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Great news. So happy of your progress and your wonderful students.


There are great kids out there.. Unfortunately it is the "bad"ones that get in the papers and on the news.


I'm sure they won't mind a few tears and will be very supportive and happy to heat how much they have helped you.



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You've got such a wonderful attitude!


Anyone who can even attempt to teach algebra and precalculus (I can't even spell it LOL) has got to be so proud to be able to return to this type of life.


While the students were wonderful, so was your school system. I'm sure there are many that would be afraid to hire a teacher who had had a stroke. A simple minded attitude would be that- "Oh it could happen again in the presence of the students". Of course the obvious fact is that it could happen to anyone.


Well, you are going to be getting a gift - the summer off to enjoy and recharge your batteries. Enjoy.



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There are a lot of awesome kids "out there." Some of those awesome kids can be found on this site. By the same token, there are kids "out there" who need a lot of help. The best thing to do is find one or more child(ren) to mentor. Think of the imprint you leave behind by mentoring and taking an interest in kids who need positive feedback.


It was wonderful to read your blog and the positive support your students gave you and that you must have received from the school system, itself. You are indeed the lucky recipient of such largesse. I am sure, too, that you give back and pay forward for your teachings as you are leaving an imprint on your students. Take Care. LK

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