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I feel a little better today and kinda ashamed, I feel better because of your comments . Thank you;


I'm going to do what is right.


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:thumbs up: Glad you're doing better. Nothing to be ashamed of.


Please feel free to pm me anytime if you need someone to talk to.

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Please don't feel ashamed. We are here for you. To share you thoughts and to encourage you. and to send hugs. sometimes writing thigs down is very helpful.. and you get to look at problems from a different perspective.


now make that phone call and get started >>>>>>

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Don't feel ashamed. This is the perfect place to vent both negative feelings and positive ones. This site is a great place to write about our true feelings. We, the readers, take the bad with the good. We all need a safe place to vent. When we feel down and write about it, it gives the other of us the opportunity to give support and feel we have helped someone which makes us feel better, too.


Feeling ashamed conveys to me that you are being hard on yourself. Please don't do that. We are all human and each day gives us opportunities to make mistakes, not working up to our potential. Don't expect to be able to do that everyday -- then you would be perfect and please don't do that to the rest of us :)


Just a suggestion: Place a note on your mirror for you to read in the am and anytime you go into your bathroom. The note should be your thought and pledge to yourself. It will serve as a reminder to you that you are on a mission. You Go! :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Take Care. LK

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