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That wasn't so bad!!!



Well, now that I've started to blog. I find that I have lots to say..It was nice seeing comments from some of my favorite people from yesterdays blog. I've posted more on strokenet today than any other day. I really can't say why, only that the subject of stroke has been on my mind since yesterday a little more than usual.


We are taking Rachel to St. Louis Mo. tomorrow to just play. We are checking into a hotel to swim, go out to eat, hot tub, etc..


Tuesday, we are meeting with a nuerology group at Barnes Hospital, a top rated hospital here in the US for those of you who don't know the name. We are checking to see if there's more we can do for Rachel as for as her dystonia, tone, and arm and ankle movement or lack of I guess you would say on her right side goes.


We may already be doing everything possible, but it sure doesn't hurt to ask. I will post any findings later on strokenet.


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I just have to say this Rachel is very lucky to have you guys as her parents, please update all of us about your findings. is Rachel in school or college yet? BTW I got very inspired when I read about quadraplegic women finishing her undergrad from Harvard and phD from stonybrook with supportive family. she wrote book "miracles happen" .

Rachel has age on her side so don't let her disability stop her from achieving her dreams.




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Thanks Asha,


No Rachel isn't in school right now. She was starting college pryor to her stroke. Right now she wouldn't be able to go, maybe later. She is still having trouble reading, writing, speaking,etc...

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You've called Rachel your angel - which is true. But also, you and her Father and Sis are Angels too. Rachel definitely has youth on her side for recovery but even more important she has the love and support of her family. Rachel is blessed to have you as I am blessed to have my daughter :cloud9:.


Hope you guys have a great time on your mini getaway and best of luck with neuro team.

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Guest lwisman




It is great that you are able to take Rachel to Barnes. They are a top notch facility and have a stroke department. I grew up in southern Illinois and Barnes as a place people with hard medical problems went.


After my stroke I was at the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago also top rated. I know it made a big difference having their expertise.


Good luck to Rachel!

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Lisa, Rachel and family :friends: :friends: :friends:


Wishing you the BEST at Barne's I know you are all doing the VERY best for Rachel. YOU ROCK

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I am glad you guys are able to check this out, my prayers will be with you. I admire all you have done to help rechel, i hope everyone has some fun time on this trip. :cheer: :hug: :dribble:

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