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good reports

lady k


Another week another doctor appointment, my last gp appointment, all my test came back in the normal range, I'll have to go in and get the numbers they ran my a1c cbc and my cholesterol from what the office said the dr was happy with them, today I saw the cardiologist, and I guess the depression I had knocked my appetite out again, I lost a few more lbs, I f I can keep losing a couple of pounds every couple of weeks for another year, I will be back to a normal weight. being only 5 ft tall, every pound shows. so far I have lost about 45 lbs since my stroke :Clap-Hands: but the cardio said I was doing really well and come back in a year, unless something comes up that I need to see her for. :cheer: I actually got into chat in time to talk to several people, I always forget and remember to late. my friends at church that have been so good to me invited me to their sunday school picnic and we had a wonderful time, I know everyone their, I was almost in their sunday school class, but I got mixed up and ended up in the old folks class , the church elder teaches it, and he is very knowledgable about the bible, he had a stroke several years ago, and still has a limp, he has regained every thing else, pretty much, he said there is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber not to far from here and he is going to see if the church will help pay for some treatments. his sister that is 96 has moved here and she has dementia so he also wants her to have treatments. he said the church steps in when their is a real need, not only for church members but others , I have helped with some of the things the church has done to help, mostly food, we don't have a food bank burt we help to support one plus we make food for the homeless, :yadayada: so compared to the week crying this week has been so much better. I bet I don't forget the vitamins again, I still don't know why i have to have them for the wellbutrin to work. I plan on asking my gp when I go in. :hiya:


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Good news. I take vitamins also. Notice I do feel better when I take them.


Glad your church is so helpful and hope you get the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. You will have to let us know how you do..



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I do hope you are able to get the hyberbaric oxygen treatment with the assistance of your church. I've heard many good reports regarding the treatment - please keep us posted. Good doc report too. Personally I love hearing I don't need to see you for a year unless something comes up. :big_grin:

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