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Here I was, enjoying my precious summer off and the phone rang. On the other end was a man from the district office wanting to know if I would come teach some remedial students from one of the other high schools for two weeks. I said let me think about it. He said you have one hour. We will pay you your regular salary. In a moment of weakness, I said yes. I have no idea why because now that I have done it for two days, I would like to take it back. Thankfully it is only from 8-12 still gives me some lake time before my rehearsals start.




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I know I'm not the one having to do the work but think of it this way- 10 days extra pay (2 days already gone). I'd take that money and buy something special with it and not use it for groceries etc. I look at it as a gift- although you are working for it. The time will go quickly.
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Look at it this way - are these kids problem kids? If so, even in that short period of time you may make a difference in one of their lives...like a diamond in the rough. 2 days down and 8 to go. I agree with Phyllis, do something special with the money, treat yourself.

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I agree with phyllis & Donna, yu will be making difference in these kid's life and earning some cash at the same time, & lucky it's not whole day so u still get ur laketime.




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Yes 4 hours a day and 8 days to go .... Our kids are not out of school yet. They had to make up "snow" days. So if you were here you would still be teaching.


Yes a little "BONUS" for something special. 32 hours to go....



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