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Our Trip to St. Louis



Monday we went to St Louis and stayed at the hotel. We went swimming, got in the hot tub, out to eat, and shopping. We had a great time. :big_grin:


Tuesday we went to Rachel's doctors appointment at Barnes Hospital. We spoke with the Nuerology group about different options. One would be more Botox. Rachel was very opposed to this right now. It hurt so much the past three times. :(


We will be meeting again with a therapy group when the appointment is made. Also, we will meet with another phasiatrist to discuss options if there are any. I had mixed feelings yesterday. I was hopeful that we could do more. The doctor told Rachel that she probably wouldn't regain movement in the arm since it has been so long. She cried a lot, so did we. I also told her that we wouldn't give up hope. She is already a miracle so it's now Gods will on the rest. :cloud9:






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tell Rachel to keep hope alive medical doctors don't know everything, there are so many alternative medicines which can help her 2, mayb we both can go to china for alternative medicine.




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