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Short and sweet - referral



I'm in HMO heck - trying to get the referral from my doc to see the ophthalmologist - which is just wrong, as I haven't seen my primary since this started As far as as I'm concerned my neuro has become my primary for now - unfortunately HMO rules don't think the same way I do.


I have the appt. set up via my optometrist - I just need the referral.


This is just short and sweet - I'm trying to track my progress and what I go through during this. I imagine many of my entires won't be worth reading.


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hey icebe:


every entry is worth reading, I learn from each & every blog of people, how we all deal with togh situations in life.




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I agree with Asha, all blog entries are with reading no matter how short or how long. It's therapeutic for you to get tthings "off your chest" if necessary and it's therapeutic for the reader as well. You're not alone - we're all walking beside you.

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