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Weepy Wednesday!!



I don't know why I feel so sad and weepy today. I just do. I guess were entitled to feel that way every now and then. I was reading other blogs and I'm so proud of some of your accomplishments. Katrina is getting ready for college. Bessie feels great and is moving forward.


Some days I feel like I'm stuck, not moving on, and other days it feels so good and invigorating. We want things to go our way for once. We wonder why everything seems so slow. I am so thankful for my family, don't get me wrong, but is it alright just to say for the day, WHY US, WHY MY DAUGHTER!!!


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Lisa :


it's okay to have these pity party once in while but allocate yourself timelimit for that pitypod , otherwise u will get big red ring on your behind, not a pretty sight.

For me whenever I get onto my pitypod I just start counting my blessings in my head, and start thinking it could have been worst. Bad thing does happen to Good people. things might look hopeless today but who knows future, so don't destroy your now by thinking about future, do things in best of your ability and everything will turn out fine.


lots of hugs,




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Hi Lisa


It is only natural to have negative thoughts from time to time. Trouble starts when the negative thoughts begin to overpower the positve ones.


Someone once said "As long as we are taking two steps forward and only one step back, then we are still making progress."


Keep focusing on the positives. (even the little ones) Life is a journey and we do it one step at a time. (even the bumpy parts)


Smiles :)



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we all have weepy days, and I hope since it is thursday you have managed to recover your spirit. I admire you with how you look out for rachel. as much as you can't see what the purpose is there is a purpose. so here atr som,e cheers tocheere you up. :cheer: :cheer: and of course the hug. :hug: :dribble: and your very own arrangement.IPB Image

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The comparisons are what does you end sometimes. That's why we always have to be careful to measure ourselves against ourselves and not against what others have accomplished. Hope you feel better in the morning.



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Some days we are "stuck" I think everyone has them.. As Gary said 2 steps forward and some days 1 step back..


I think we have to have a bad day sometimes... so we know the "good ones..


I also know how hard it is "wanting" something for your child. Hang in there ...

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