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Almost Over...



I know that I shouldn't be so happy, but I am. I only have about four days of regular summer school left. This has been tougher than I thought it would be. Keeping the same students occupied for four hours at a time is a whole lot easier said than done!


Anyway...enough whining about that.


We started rehearsing for Tom Dooley this week. To see more information about the story behind the song, go to www.wilkesplaymakers.com I always look forward to Tom Dooley, but this year, I am really nervous about it. I am playing a part that is slightly different than the ones that I have played the past three summers. First of all, one of my best friends is the author of this play. I am playing the part she played last summer. The woman I am playing is her great great great grandmother and the person playing my husband is her real husband. No pressure there. Not to mention, on top of that pressure, is the pressure of being entirely outdoors. It is a whole ballgame when you are in an 850 seat ampitheater. To make me more stressed, I came down with some sort of stupid sinus infection over the weekend, and have been really sick all week. It makes me so mad to be sick!


Anyway. That is enough from the whining about the trivial department!




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