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send me sunshine



How nice to get successfully into chat today. I had PMed Bonnie as we were supposed to have strong winds last night but thank goodness that did not happen and all was well. We have had eight days when we have hardly seen the sun and my! that can bring me down. I call it "rain depression" although officially it is called S.A.D or Seasonal Affective Disorder and what we all feel at some time in the short dreary days in winter. Strangely people in the tropics also feel the same thing when they have the humid, thundery build up to the wet season.


While we were in chat we were discussing temperatures in the various places we live in. It is fun sometimes to do the "I'm in winter but you are in summer" comparison. The temps ranged from 90 degrees for Phyllis to me at about 55 degrees. Heck! you will say, that is not cold, but to me in my low set open plan cottage, with only a fan heater in the living room and me stuck out here in the back, yes, that is cold! At night when I come onto the computer I have a rug over my knees to keep me warm.


Something funny happened when I asked Phyllis to send me some sunshine and next minute the clouds drifted apart and the sun came out. It was fine then till mid-afternoon when the clouds came back and it started to drizzle. But it was fine and sunny long enough for Ray to go out and sun himself on our front verandah and you all know how much he LOVES to do that! Thank you Phyllis!


I am tidying house as I have my northern family here Tuesday to Friday next week. I am so looking forward to them coming. One of the evenings we will have Pam, Steve, Tori and Alex over and have birthday celebrations for Alex who has his 1st birthday on 21st. He will not know that it is a week out, he will just lap up the attention! He is such a bright little spark, there is a picture of him in the Gallery. He has Ray's blue eyes, so the girls will just love him!


I have had to buy a couple of new doonas as the northern family are coming from the tropics and will probably feel the cold again when they get here! They are going down to their holiday cottage near the Snowy Mountains where it is snowing so will find that very cold! The strong winds etc have brought a little bit of snow to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney also so you can go there for the "Christmas in July" banquets that are so popular in all the touristy places like big hotels and guest houses and sing songs like "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" and really feel that it is Yuletide right now!


We have had a lot of our activities cancelled due to the weather. The parking lot of the place where we usually have our Lions dinner was covered with sand drifts from the roaring onshore winds so that dinner was postponed a week. Other activities were cancelled as some of the participants are still helping with the clean-up after the wild winds. After all those tree branches are off roofs there is still all the leaf litter to rake and bag and the potplants to stand up ( I did some of that today). I am not even going up the back as a glimpse of that garden showed a lot of cutting back, re-staking etc needs to be done, there is a lot of wind damage up there. I'm not afraid of the work I just need the right weather to get it done.


After the 22nd June the days will slowly get longer and if the sun shines again I can get active. Ray pedalled his exercise bike today, the first time for a while as it lives on our front verandah and was inaccessible. He spent quite long time pedalling and stopping, pedalling and stopping,daydreaming a bit in between I suspect. He will be having another minder for Friday from this week and the care provider has suggested that he/she help Ray with his exercises as part of their activities so I will have to get the list out and look at it and see how they can work it into a routine.


So as the song says: "wish me health, wish me sunshine, wish me love" (author unknown).


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You have my wishes for all to be good in the land "Down Under". I'll too gladly send you sunshine and heat as well - we have heat advisories, warnings, and watches going on as our highs are over 100 (calling for 114 tomorrow). It's 10:04 am my time and it's already 94 degrees. One can prespire just sitting and not even doing any activity. This massive heat for here is several weeks early - I wonder if our monsoon season will also be early.


Sounds like you will have much activity going on with company arriving. Way cool! Glad to hear Ray is on his bike. Please give him an Arizona hug :hug:

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:gleam: Well, you weathered the winds from before Sue and got through the "off the air" times. Must of been glorious to see the sun finally! Ray needs his sun and his verandah. Phyllis just works her magic on this board and the weather. I was in chat too when she said she would send you some heat. She has that fast finger you know. She calls it "ff" lol! :D


I hope you have a blast with your northern family visit and Alexs' birthday! His blue eyes will sparkle! (Rays' eyes) Christmas in July sounds so wonderful!. As I said in chat last night, one day I will get to Australia and eat that wonderful fruit salad dessert you told me about. Pakalova or something like that. I keep forgetting the name, sorry!


I certainly will wish you health, sunshine and love. To Ray and your other family members as well. I just think you are so awesome Sue and such a lady! All my love from Monterey Bay California to the Land Down Under! *~ Shirley *~ :cocktail: :forgive_me?:

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Glad you didn't get anoher bad storm, we sometimes get some pretty wild weather here also. We have had a SLOOW start to summer this year. had a few days in the 80's but mostly in the mid 50's to 70's I am not complaining as I do much better when it is cool..


Glad Phyl got the sunshine to you.. and Ray had some nice time on the verandah. We had nice days the last 2, supposed to have some cool weather and rain.. I don't think my tomato plants are too happy..


I will try to send you some sun... as we get it too...:)


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Sue, would you mind sharing some of your sun with me in SA? Winter has set in and it is a cold one this year. I managed to convince Greg to buy us an electric blanket - what a life saver!!! I really battle in the cold - my bad side stiffens up terribly. The only good thing about winter is all the hot chocolate!!!!! Roll on summer. Stay warm ((((((hugs))))).

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