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Marintated Cheese Cubes




Here's a new easy one Slowe found.


Cut up a 8 oz pkg of cream cheese into very small cubes (she gets about 36 to a pkg!)


Marinate in Kraft Sun Dried Tomato Vinegarette. Add chopped fresh garlic and rosemary.


Marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Serve with pretzel sticks for picks, and crackers.



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YUM! My stomach is in love w/ you! I miss cooking but this recipe sounds simple enough that I think my broken down body can do it. I will try it next time I am amongst friends. Take Care. LK
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Sounds delish! To me, cream cheese makes everything taste better! I am known amongst family and friends for my broccoli, onion and cream cheese sauce casserole and every year on Thanksgiving and X-mas, I always receive requests for it. I learned this recipe over 20 years + ago in high school. It is real easy to make and good thing I taught my oldest daughter how to make it cause she has to take over since I can't cook right now due to my stroke. (left-side weakness) I hope to cook again and I have to try your recipe. Thanks!

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I can't wait till I am in a regular kitchen ahgain and cangive some of your recipes a try, thanks for shsaring this with us, you are definately a inspiration for all of us, I am drooling again :dribble:

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