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Completely Heartbroken



It is with a very broken heart that I write this blog. Three students at the school where I teach were involved in a tragic accident last night. Two of them walked away without much damage, but the third one did not. They were on their way home from a friends pool party, the weren't drinking, speeding, racing, or doing any of those things that kill kids all the time. A deer came out in front of them. The girl driving swerved to miss the deer, went down an embankment, and hit a tree. Justin was killed instantly. I teach in a very small rural community, and this loss has been devestating as the loss of any child is. My heart breaks for his family, his friends, and especially for the young girl who was driving the car. All reports say that she is in really bad shape right now. I love my job, and I love these kids, and this is the one part of the job that is the hardest for me because it is so hard on them. I hate to see them hurting like they are.


Such a sad, sad day. :(:(:(


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These kinds of things happen and when it hits so close to home (people we know or family) it is so much harder to accept. My thoughts are with you and the families of those involved.

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so sory to hear loss of your young student, accidents do happen, for all the student's sake you have to be strong and comfort them. It hurts but sometimes what can we do but accept as fate and learn from these tragedy.




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It would have been a little easier if there was alcohol, drugs , speeding etc. involved, but this way, it all seems so senseless. A simple drive home and tragedy strikes. I'm sure the minister will try to make the family and friends feel the young man is in a better place - and who knows, maybe he will be. Most likely, it happened so fast, he didn't know what happened; unfortunately, the girl driving will never forget. She is the one who will be hurting the most (and she is).


Like everyone here, I send my concondolences for the umtimely passing of the young man, healing for the girl, as well as understanding for her and healing for all.


Everyone looks for summer; unfortunately there always seems to be one of these accidents claiming our young people at this time.


My thoughts will also be with the young people, the faculty, the families and friends and all the townpeople.

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