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I am Canadian



Yesterday, I became a Canadian citizen. The ceremony was very well done. While the paperwork was checked and seat assignments were being given, we watched an interesting slide show on the history of citizenship in Canada. Once everyone was seated we were warmly welcomed and told how the ceremony would proceed.


The judge then spoke to us about citizenship, what it meant to him to become a Canadian and then become a Judge. He talked about Canada's values and how other countries view Canada. How pleased Canada was to have us become citizens, about the rights and freedoms Canadian's have, how they will not be taken away, and how Canada welcomes being a multi-culturism society. We were also told that there were 96 of us in the room to take the citizenship oath, and that the number of countries we were immigrating from totalled 40. 96 new citizens from 40 different countries - multi-culturism at it's best.


We then repeated the oath of citizenship in French and then English. After that we each went up and received our official documents and the judge shook hands, welcomed and congratulated each individually. We then returned to our seats and a few more words were spoken and then we stood and sang the Canadian Anthem "O Canada", (thankfully in English). After that there was a celebration with coffee and cake and the chance to take pictures. Very moving experience to go through.


Tomorrow, July 1st, I will celebrate my first Canada Day as a Canadian Citizen. I have celebrated Canada Day since the 80's as a landed immigrant. Tomorrow will be special. We are having dinner with my former boss and his wife - two very good people.









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Cheers to you, its good to belong and be legal. My question is what country were you from as an immigrant since the 80's? I ask because that seem to be a very long time to wait for citizenship.


Congratulations! :congrats:

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Hi Fred,


Thanks for the note. Procrastination on filling out and submitting the application is why it took so long. I was a landed immigrant/permanent resident and just kept putting it off for no good reason, time just slipped by with the ups and downs of life.


I wish I had done it sooner but...




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Cheers and :congrats: are in order!!!!! That would have been a very moving ceremony. Many years ago, I went to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls - beautiful. I wish you continued best wishes as one of Canada's own. :cheer:

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hey Dickons:


congratulations, your ceremony will defintely make you proud canadian citizen, In US when I became citizen there was nothing like that we all said our oath, given certificate and byebye. no personalized handshake or ake or anything.




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I became an Australian citizen in 1988. Like you I was a permanent resident having come to Australia with my parents from England when I was seven. But I had an Australian husband and three children who were Australian citizens so I knew it was time for me to become one too. It felt good to know that it was a decision I made myself.




And may you be one happy Canadian for a long time to come.



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