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lady k


why oh why do we all think we are invincible and we just go on doing things we know are bad for us but never expect anything to happen, I had all the things that put me at risk for stroke or heart attack, well I got one but boy the other and this was even after my brother died from heart failure, he also had copd, but nah it won't happen to me, I smoked, I had high blood pressure and diabetes, and high cholesterol, but it won't happen to me , other people yeah, but not me maybe someone older, I even had a TIA and still it won't happen to me, now It's too late to be who I was, I can still get better, but why do we think it won't happen to me, well guess what it did and it can, for all you out there who had a family member with a stroke you are now much more likely to have one yourself, I know even people who do everything right still have strokes but I would rather I had done everything I could not to have one, It's a little late but I finally quit smoking, got my blood pressure under good control, and my diabetes under good control, but none of that will change the fact that I am still partially paralyzed, and have cognitive issues, funny how even though a good part of my mind is gone, I can now finally see yes it can happen to me, duh, yep, this from the person who sometimes leaves the water running and floods the trailer, or puts her shirt on backward and never notices until I am already there. or any one of the other things I do now that I don't seem to pay attention as much, and get so easily distracted, I finally get it it can happen to me. :yadayada: well if this reaches one person and makes them change enough to not have a stroke, I will be very glad but you'll never know if you were one of the ones who barely averted disaster.


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I was just like you, had the same risk factors plus highly stressful personal life job and workaholic mindset. I was a stroke waiting to happen. The workaholic part of the scenario was changed when I did change jobs. But even that job could have had an impact on the subsequent stroke I suffered with 6 months of the getting new job.


I have stressed to my daughter the fact that she willl need to be cautious.

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Both of you and anyone else reading this - stop wasting your time with could have's and should have's. A stroke is a TBI (tramautic brain injury) and with other things (as we've seen from our emebers) TBI comes from various reasons. Would you feel any better if you had gotten your stroke for another reason?


While it is honorable to try to warn others that it could happen to them, they are going to think the same as you- "it can't happen to me." And heredity isn't the answer either. My mother had a stroke and we are 3 children and I am the youngest by many years. I am the only one who has gotten stroke and probably be the only one, It's more a personality thing. I stress; they do not.


The past is past and your thoughts now must be to make the best you that is possible. Part of this too is to walk with your head up and certainly be proud that you are a survivor.There is no room in your brain for shouuld have's, could have's and pity parties etc. The brain has work to do. has work to do.


yes. to me it is fate. Believe that or not. Here is my proof.........Who decided where your stroke was going to go? Why did some people have their problem in the left front lobe and get aphasia and you perhaps did or did not? Give that some thought.

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I completly agree with you, but also making sure you live healthy lifestyle is good choice, I never smoked, drank, no BP or diabetes still stroked, so I will say it was fate and make best out of my remaining life with my great hubby and son.




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