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Hi everybody

Well I'm going to ottawa ontario on aug 22-07 to have my p.f.o. closed.I feel better knowing that chances of another stroke are still there but lower.I must say I'm still scared to have surgery as the last time I did Ihad a stroke 10 days later.If anyone has had it done please let me know how your feeling and how was the surgery.Any tips for after of before is greatly taking lol.Lorraine from strokenet had her p.f.o. closed at the same hospital.Hope all goes well. Will close for know.


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hey Kelly:


I had my PFO closed 6 months after my stroke and procedure was piece of cake compared to my stroke and disability i went through, I was in the hospital just overnight, its 10 min procedure in my awake timeframe, i woke up & dr. told me it's done only black blue i had on my groin area which faded in a week, so don't worry at all, it's simplest operation. I had big peace of mind after my operation & it was 3 yrs ago, & I m doing great now recapturing my life one more time.







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I had my PFO closed last fall. It wasn't nearly as scary as I anticipated. I was awake, but so sedated I actually enjoyed it! It was like watching a Sci-fi movie. I lay there watching a screen where I could see them running that little wire into my heart. They don't even like to call it surgery, it's a 'procedure'. LOL. There was NO pain involved. I was sore and tired for a little while, but it really put my mind at ease.

Glad to know you'll be having this done soon! :Clap-Hands:



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