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[Well as you all know me and my mom are moving to Pennsylvania....Now you probably want to know how I feel about many emotions. I'm really excited because I get to meet my family and plus this is making my mom SOOOO happy. But also I'm very nervous...just starting over is nerve racking. :(


I just wish I could take my friends with me. It was fun me and my two best friends went to scottsdale mall and went to see "licensed to wed". Good movie I recommend it to everyone!!! They helped unravel the knot in my stomach but as soon as I got home to pack again my knot grew :angry2:


The best thing about moving is I get a house! It's always been my dream to live in one but we never have. It's funny because I feel like I'm dreaming...then I pinch myself and realize I'm awake and this is happening..


Well I'm off to pack more!


cya :]


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I can relate! My husband and I were moving from the Western Shore to the Eastern Shore, where I grew up. We had (2) young children.


I became schizophrenic during this time. I hated leaving where we were living. I had a lot of wonderful friends and I loved our house.


When I travelled to the Eastern Shore and met with my old friends, I didn't want to leave and go back to the Western Shore. It was really nerve wracking as we went back and forth making arrangements, etc. for the move.


I know my situation was a bit different from yours because you are moving to a place where you don't know anyone. But I can assure you this: wherever we go, we make an imprint or impression on people. When we leave them, that impression or imprint we left stays w/ those friends and has influenced their lives.


In your new place, you will not be able to help yourself but use your effervescent personality and new ideas and your openness to invite friends into your life. It may take awhile, but you will find wonderful friends in your new place, there is no doubt.


I love to meet new people and get to listen to their ideas and find out their quirks. It is the quirks in our personalities that make us interesting to the world. I love to talk to someone who may have an interest in, say, Egyptian History, or I have a friend who loves to collect fountain pens. He has a love for good fountain pens and his collection is vast. I happen to love fountain pens but I would never be able to collect them.


I never really liked people who are "snobs." Being that way, narrows their horizons. They don't meet that many new people and the ones they do and accept have to be very much like them. How boring.


You are headed on a big adventure. The world has opened up to you. There are wonderful and interesting people waiting to meet you in Pennsylvania and you will be in a beautiful house! Lucky you! Take Care. LK

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finally you are able to blog woohoo, I am happy you guys are moving to east coast, hey you will be in my timezone now, I m sure with your personality you will just do fine and make lot of friends, & if worst come to worst you got this aunty to hang out with :) I think of myself as desirable friend alright so don't bust my bubble.





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Hi Kristi -


Moving is a very emotional experience whether you are young or old and you always wishe you could take your friends with you! You will miss them and they you, but you will find new friends(you are a beautiful and talented young woman) and the excitement of living in your first house and having family around will help.


Just know that you will be fine and that everything works out in the end - and you have all of our support here as well -

Love ya girlie!

Mel & Kyla

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when I was 12 not long after my dad died I moved for the very first time. my mom finally got me to promise to give it a fair chance, she knew me well enough to know that if i promised I would I wouldn't gove up until I had, I can't say it was easy, but I did meet my new best friend, until we had both graduated, we both ended up moving by the next year and stayed in contact and visited, I could have easily missed having her in my will find another good friend as long as you give it a good try. keep blogging, we all want to know how it goes, call it us living vicariously through your experience.

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