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Comfortable Chair?



I wonder if anyone has an answer for me. I feel very uncomfortable now in most chairs. Does anyone know of any particular brand of chair they use to sit in? Is it portable? I visited my son this weekend and he has a hanging canvas chair on his balcony. It seemed quite comfortable. I think it was comfortable because it had no pressure points on my body. I know there are canvas chair that are foldable w/ an exrterior frame but these are uncomfortable because they sort of fold in and after awhile, they are uncomfortable for me. The hanging chair is good but I can't very well hang it in my house and it would be good to have something portable so I can use it wherever I go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Take Care. LK


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Go to walmart garden center they got lots of stuff on sale about half price. You may find something. Plenty of folding canvas stuff and directors chairs, portable for inside and out.

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Ray lost a lot of weight after his strokes and lost most of his "padding" so I bought a special foam cushion and used to take it in the car etc for him to sit on. That seemed to make him comfortable.


We also used a big soft pillow behind him as without the weight he seemed to feel he was at the wrong angle in the armchair. You just need to spread the pressure evenly and that helps you feel comfotable.


Hope you can find a way around it so you can relax more easily.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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