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A new tattoo



This has a been a great summer, and I am so excited to think that I still have so much of it left to go! We finished our Production of Tom Dooley: A Wilkes County Legend this past Sunday. We had a very successful run. I think that I will be taking next summer off. It is hard to do a show four summers in a row. Gets to be a little redundant.


Anyway...now for an explanation of the title of my blog. Like many of you, I continue to find life post-stroke frustrating sometimes. I already have one tattoo (a fact that surprises even the people closest to me...) I have decided that I want something that permanently reminds me to keep up my courage, and to not give up. I have worked very hard to maintain a fighting attitude through everything, but sometimes, I need a little reminder. I have decided to get a tattoo of the chinese symbol for courage so that I can see it every day and be reminded to hang in there. I know it may seem rather ridiculous to many of you, but I think this decision is a part of the "things I want to do before I die" list that includes a bunch of things that aren't exactly "me" or what others think of me at any rate.


That is all from the what it's worth department!



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Good for you! Wish I had the courage to even get one. Nothing big, but not brave enough Hope your summer continue to go well.

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I have a small tattoo .......... People cannot belive it. LOL it doesn't show. The symbol of courage sounds like a good choice.. take a picture with you, so you can make sure it doesn't say something else...lol

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good for you, I liked courage tattoo idea and at this point in my life I don't give damn about what people think about me, and if getting tattoo gives you happiness y all means go for it




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