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Kj mcmeekin


Thanks to everyone that responded to my recent blog.


Today was just as frustrating until this evening when I saw Chris cry when he lost control of his bladder again. After the events of today I am starting to believe that maybe he really has lost control. What is most frustrating to me (and I see how frustrated he is) is that I have bought so many different incontience products to try to keep him dry that I've gone broke and nothing works. He is constantly drenched which of course is more work for me.


I had talked to his family doctor and she has recommended that he see a urologist. A urologist has been recommended by a family member so tommorrow I am going to make an appointment for him and hopefully we can get some answers regarding this and the constant bladder infections he has.


Tommorrow I'm gonna try to keep myself calmer - figure out a way to give him added protection - if I have to competely change him I'm gonna try to do it without an ATTITUDE and just try to accept.


I promised him that tommorow night we would go to the carnival and stay to see the fireworks. I saw the spark back in his eyes when I told him that we where going out for the evening.


We will get through this hurdle...........I need to just keep it together....................


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I read your blog yesterday but I couldn't respond because I felt so sad for you. I took care of my parents who both had dementia and I understand what you are going through and how frustrating it can be no matter how much you love the person you are caring for.


I think what was the worst for me while I was caring for them were the sudden progressions of their diseases (different dementias). I would adjust to one level and then suddenly, there occurred a progression of the disease and more of a regression of the parents I once knew.


A caregiver is a lot of things to their loved ones and there is no break, no holiday. You deal w/ so much.


Having said all that, it is good to read that you are gathering up horses again to charge again for the attack of Chris' illness. In your store of "weapons" to fight this thing w/ Chris, you need a small army of supporters. Have you looked into volunteer organizations? I volunteered to sit w/ a gentleman through a local Hospice in my area. You need as much support as you are giving Chris, so you can keep sane. You must take care of yourself so you can be there for Chris.


Another suggestion I have is ask the urologist if there is some medication Chris can take for his incontinence. There are some drugs out on the market for that. Hopefully, that will help him.


When I read your blog yesterday, I felt that Chris is frustrated by his situation and probably knows all you do to take care of him and the effort it takes. When he said he could control his bladder, I felt perhaps he could not.


I am a stroke survivor and I have to depend on other people. I can tell you sometimes it kills me that I am needy. I am used to being independent. Someone offers to get me another bottle of water and I have a tinge of guilt because I am used to doing that. It is their kindness and they want to do it, its just hard for me to be in this predicament. I don't know if Chris feels the same.


Please know you are doing a fine job and you are doing it to the best of your abilities. You are human and if you err, it only proves my point further. But you do what you do out of love and no one can ask for anything more. Take Care. LK

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I read your blog yesterday & felt sameway what Lucy felt, it is hard being caregiver but I m sure it is hard beig survivor too, and I was so pleased to see your today's blog that maybe chris really lost control of his bladder & is not out there to punish you or get attention. I am so happy you are going to get medical help.


till then hang in there for both ofyou



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I saw your Bllog yesterday also.. I am glad for you both that you are going to a Dr. A bladder infection. possibly the signals are not getting to him in time. There is therapy for bladder control now.. It takes me longer to get to the bathroom.. so I had to learn to start to the bathroom sooner.. He may have lost some control of the nerves or muscles.


I can't remember where I saw it.. May have been one of the Stroke Magazines. was for men. Looks like a condom, with a baloon (to hold urine) on the end of it.


Poise pads have also come out with a new under garment for men.



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