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How have you all been?



It has been a while since I've blogged, so for anyone who is curious, here is an update in the Kristen/Patrick/Brandon household.


At the last blog, we had just taken Patrick in for an evaluation with a neuropsychologist. After five hours of testing the results were of no value IMHO. The doc, who was in his 30's and will probably never be a motivational speaker, told Patrick basically to accept where he is at now as "as recovered as he will ever be" . I hate that some people seem to think that they need to be the ones to set Patrick straight so he can accept his level of recovery. Why does it matter to them if he keeps trying to get better? Why do they care if he is not ready to give up? Why?



His therapists are now focusing their treatment towards getting Patrick back into work-mode. After a brainstorming session, we are now in the process of doing paperwork so he may volunteer at the hospital. If it works out, I'll let you know.


Some other things that has happened over the last few months:


Patrick twisted his ankle pretty badly and had to make a trip to the ER 6/10. His ankle swelled so badly that it looked like he had a baseball in his sock. I guess the upside was it happened on his affected side, and other than during the initial injury, he wasn't in very much pain. He actually refused any pain medication prescription. I jokingly told him he should have gotten it and let me have it.




My mom and stepdad were here over the 4th of July, and we had a great time. We crammed allot in during the 3 days I had with them. One day we spent in Boulder, and while driving, the street I needed to turn on appeared sooner than I anticipated. I could see there was no one behind me, no oncoming traffic, so I just shouted, "HOLD ON!" and made the turn. (It was not a 75 degree turn, it was not so sharp). But anyway, I gave everyone a scare (except me, I knew we were good-lol). My mother has now started reffering to my maneuver as a "Boulder Turn". I will hear about it forever I am sure-lol.



At the end of the month, we are headed back to Iowa and Illinois for a week or so. We will see the rest of our families and friends, some of which will undoubtedly be for the last time. Patrick's best friend's father has been battling a series of health issues, and this will probably be the last time we get to see him. I am glad that Patrick will get the chance to see him- there were several instances where we had feared we would not. There is no line between family and these friends as far as Patrick is concerned. They are one and the same.


I will also get the chance to see my dad and stepmom, as they are driving up from Louisiana the same week I am in Illinois. So many people to see in such a short time! I will need a vacation after this vacation.




I hope you are all doing well!




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Sure glad I wasn't driving in Boulder when you were there. :i_did_it!: HAHAHA Am happy you had a nice visit with family and hope your vacation goes well.






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It's good to know you are busy in living life with all the bumps that come in, your boulder turn sounds scary. Hope Patrick is feeling okay after his ankle thingy. I am sure you are going to have great vacation.




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Kristen, in northern Queensland you are allowed to do a U turn at traffic lights and in four lanes of traffic it has to be done very fast! It is like riding a roller coaster. My daughter Shirley laughed when she saw the look of terror on my face the first time she did it!


I'm glad you are getting time with family and friends. I agree with Patrick that it is hard to seperate friends, particularly old friends who have always been there for you, from lesser relatives. Old friends are gold friends.


Have fun on your holidays, I sure did on mine.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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