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Has It Been Almost 3 Years??????

Kj mcmeekin


I was thinking today - I can't believe that it will be 3 years on the 26th since Chris' first stroke.


Looking back over this time - I can't really remember how hard I fought to get him out of the nursing home. I guess I have purposely tried to forget it. It isn't an experience I want to remember.


I have been trying to remember all the expierences we have been through since he came home - maybe tonight I'm just tired because I'm drawing a blank.


It would be so easy to remember and think of all the negative things that have happened but you can't grow with that attitude.


I think I'm gonna spend the next 10 days trying to remember all the positive things that have taken place - all of Chris' achievements - maybe start some type of a scrap book or memory book for him and give it to him for his birthday.


Tonight I'm just thinking and rattling..........I seem to do my best thinking when everyone else is in bed and you could hear a pin drop.


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You've come a long way, baby!! :Clap-Hands:


I bet three years ago, you never would have suspected that you'd be where you are today. I know how hopeless it all appeared to be in the beginning, and how each little improvement was a reason to celebrate. Lots of bumps and turns in the road behind and ahead of you, but you're hanging in there and we're proud of you.





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Yes Kim, I am proud of you too. It has been a long hard struggle but somehow you have stayed in there, fighting to keep your man stable and happy.


It is great to see you back on blogging again and catch up with your latest news.


(((Hugs))) from Sue. :friends:

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