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"Gathering" report



Well yesterday was the first day of the "weekly gathering" which is what it is called on the notice on the bulletin board in the library. It is much more detailed than the ad I had put here and which is going in freebie throw-a-way papers.


I do want to thank all for their remarks. I was very careful of all words used so none would be misconstrued. I originally thought of the word "social" and obviously, immediately discarded that. Nancy your suggestion of the word "companion" but that also would not fit. This isn't a dating type thing. If that should happen, great but it had to be sterile in every way.


So, I had gone to the movie "Miss Potter" earlier at a different library and gathered some extra reading matter to what I already had, because I was expecting to sit alone for 1-3/4 hours. They gave me a small room and said I may need a larger one later, but it was ok since I had put a low number on the form. I should have remembered to bring a sweater as the library like courthouses are always freezing. So, I sat down and read. The notice had gone up that morning because it had to be approved and the person would be there then, and I had only faxed the first notice to the paper called Seniors Today which is picked up in libraries etc.


The shock was that my ad was on the board but the one from the "other" original group wasn't. Whether she was having a new one made or it was taken down, I don't know. She had gone to a stroke support meeting at the large hospital in Daytona Beach and maybe she found what she was looking for.


My reading proved interesting though. I saw where there are summer aphasia meetings at another hospital in the Memorial chain and maybe she is going to that. Of course, there is nothing like the type I am trying. I've always said that I learned patience at Reiki which served me good when in rehab for this stroke and it will serve me well with this. I can do a lot of reading. LOL!


One article had gotten me all excited! It is for a Reiki Circle! I've looked for one not too far fo 4 years - and tonight is the night! (The downer for me is that it is held at a hospice which seems strange, but perhaps the people who visit there could use the energy.) And classes are being given for Reiki 1 in Bunnell. They are priced at 1/2 of what I paid 7 or 8 years ago which was less than other places- so if they give classes perhaps they will also have a circle. Bunnell is where I' m moving- great!


OK, week 1 if you haven't already figured it out was nada, but I'm not disappointed because by having the time to read, I found much more as well.


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Hi Phil


I just happned to see your post and wanted to tell you that I think it is a great thing that you are doing.


Don't give up just cus the first gathering didn't overflow the room.


You are an inspiration and I have been trying to come up with a way to gather some survivors in my area for caring and sharing.


I would like to try something similar.


I have contact now with about six in my local area including me so I will have to give it some thought as to just how to word the invitation.


Thanks for the inspiration and hang in there.


PS Sorry but I have not been around Harmony Lane much lately. I have been all over the internet and still going to the office one day a week.


Starting two new courses as well a 30 day and a 42 day. they will keep me busy till the end of August.


All the best to you for your future gathering meetings.


Smiles :)



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hi phyllis, i agree with gary, don't give up yet. the word just needs to get out there more. i bet it will get busier real soon. at least you got some good reading time out of it. if i was closer i would be there in a flash.

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Sorry the notices got out so late.. but hopefully more next time. Glad you found some interesting reading and things you had been looking for.


Sometme in the Fall I am planning on going to the support group in town and talk about Stroke Net and hand out brochures. I have been in contact with a lady from the main campus who works on support sites for all types of groups.



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