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Angry Today



There are certain dates that are inevitable; i.e., my daughter's 25th birthday is today. I'm feeling very angry at this body that has betrayed me because I am physically unable to drive the 30-some odd miles to see her, maybe take her to dinner - whatever. I've already spoken to her, and she in no way thinks worse of me; I DO MYSELF!! :Argh:


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hey Susan:


wish her Happy Birthday from all of us, maybe you can ask her to come to your town & both of you can go out for dinner.




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Susan, it is not only stroke that prevents you from doing what you want. I have just spent time with my daughter who lives 1700 miles away from me. I can't be with her on her birthday either.


From our experience you have to compensate by sending a package or a funny card or arranging a time ahead when you will phone. I know it is not the same as being there.


Having said that I can't imagine what it is like for you as I haven't had a stroke, but have looked after Ray for eight years so we share the restrictions somewhat.



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Due to circumstances (not stroke related) both my Mom and Sister live too far away to be together on special dates. It does suck and I often get upset, but what can one do? My sister and I do try to get together some time during the year and we sure make that time together worth it!!!

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