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Boo Hoo! Work tomorrow!



It is now about 9:15pm and shortly I have to go to sleep so I can get up for work tomorrow. Fortunately, this is the "local week" and I get to sleep an hour later, but I am already missing the days when I did lots of things that I couldn't have done otherwise.


I went to Reiki Tuesday night. It was a disappointment though. Each group does things a little differently. They do table Reiki here; I'm used to chair Reiki. It takes about an hour to get there and the same home so it's a long evening.


Then Wednesday, I had dinner with a friend who has aphasia. I hadn't seen her in a while. She is doing one on one with a speech therapist and shows some improvement.


Thursday, I took my car in to get the door stripping replaced and found out I can get the product at any auto discount for about 2.99. Cheapest I've ever left a dealership ($0).


Friday, I was lazy and stayed home and enjoyed doing nothing.


But Saturday was the weirdest of all. I told my sister if I ever do it again, to call my ex-neurologist/psychiatrist (he retired) and tell him that I've lost it and need his help. :roflmao:

I went to a Wholistic (their spelling, not minr) Fair. It was bad enough that I had overshot the street. They had a small sign, not a large one that hangs over the street on US1. When I go south on the block to the west, there is a large sign. Then I had to go until a street I knew. If I got there I had gone too far. Well, I finally arrived and had to park 3 blocks away. It was crowded and they had a lot of vendors but somehow, it wasn't really anything I wanted. Perhaps it was the thick booklet explaining unconditional love. Simply put, that is what a dog gives, period. No huge book necessary. The CD's didn't appeal, the jewelry wasn't worth the prices being charged, the samples didn't look very appetizing and I decided that I would have been happier if I stayed home and left to come back. Good thing too because we had a huge storm. Never again; it isn't my thing.


Today, was another lazy day, dividing my canteloupe plants, going through and straightening some papers and just now taking my clothes from the dryer, making my sandwich for tomorrow and putting it in the fridge. So now, I'm all set to go to sleep. Nite all.


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