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Cute Dr.



I went to the neurologist. He was so very nice. He was part of the team when I was in ICU. He remembered my case but read up on it before seeing me this time. The best part is he said he doesn't think I have a calcified aneurysm! I did not expect to hear that and any description of being on "Cloud 9" or on a "natural high" doesn't even come close to how I feel. I can't describe how I feel. I am giddy, to say the least.


I know there are a lot more important implications this portends but do you know what this will allow me to do, eventually???? It will allow me to drive my Miata! It will allow me to ride my bike (I wonder if they have "training wheels" for 21 speed bikes?????????)


He looked at my MRI and other films during my stay at the hospital and will request the MRI film from my dr. that was done this past March and finally, he referred me to get an angiogram of my head to make sure I don't have a calcified aneurysm. I see him again August 29th.


Good news!


BTW--did I ever tell you? It is my strong belief that it should be written in the Bill of Rights that every American should have a Miata. They are the neatest cars to drive. I love their control and how they take sharp curves. Truly its Fun. Can't drive an automatic, though, it must be a stick shift. I used to love to go to an empty parking lot in the snow and do donuts (yes, away from the lamp posts, etc. and no one was around). My Miata is all clean inside and out and it has a full tank of gas (these days, that's a great commodity!) Take Care. LK


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Great news on the Dr report, and follow up testing. I had gone from a stick 280 Z ..red to an automatic. I don't think I would do well with a clutch and shift anymore. and so happy I had an automatic.


( thinking of how I would get in and out of the Z now.. could be on funniest home movies..LOL)


Keep us updated on the news and the miata..

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So glad to hear about your doctor's appointment. That's wonderful news - enjoy being on Cloud 9 - you deserve it.


I wish for you too to be able to drive your Miata once again.

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