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our family vacation, my baby turned 7



June 20th my family (husband, daughter and myself) went to the Bahama's (South Andros) to visit some of my family. WE had a wonderful time, and I experienced things that i thought i would never be able to experience being a survivor. I went snorkleing on the coral reef. I could do it!!! Now, I did snorkle holding onto a flotation device, but the things i saw while snorkling were amazing! Fish of every color, sea fans, coral, blue holes,yes...a shark!


I did have fatigue while on vacation, but it was managable.


I hope next summer we might get to revisit South Andros. I have the fever to visit Bimini island and Great Exuma!!!!!!! I want to explore the world some more. I have a travel bug!:) Who wants to come along??;)


My baby turned 7 yesterday!!!(bittersweet)



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Glad you had a great trip. Such an adventure!!!! :Clap-Hands: My baby, my one and only, turns 15 in 2 1/2 weeks. :yikes: Time is moving by much too fast.

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that's so amazing you can snorkle, your vacation sounds beautiful, I love to travel too, & I am glad I can manage it too, you have to plan east coast trip too.






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