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hello asha...:)...your post got me thinking...the difficulty i've wrestled with during blogging is how to report all of my experiences in some kind of balanced way...i've found that it's really not possible...i am disappointed with the results...of course...but countering this, many enriching (no pun intended!) experiences did indeed occur there that i will value for the rest of this incarnation...i've met and befriended a handful of people...one of whom has invited me back to china next year for a special occasion in her life...i wouldn't miss it for the world!...i consider my helper family now for his never ending patience and consistent contientious work in helping me heal...i've learned to speak basic mandarin!...my helper doesn't speak a word of english so i chose to use this to motivate me to grow linguistically...i've toured this country which alone was an amazing life experience...and most of all i don't regret any of it because my trust in tcm (traditional chinese medicine) has only been strengthened and i know the tcm i received in tianjin will help me recover in my present treatment protocol besides positively affecting other health areas of my body...this is why i cannot tell anyone else not to enter this program...we're all adults and need to make our own decisions...i'm trying to communicate mostly about the lousy way this program has evolved...in no way am i saying tcm isn't worth it...i'm now researching tcm in beijing...i want to see if there are any treatment programs where patient results come first...when i return next year i'm planning on receiving treatment as an outpatient...the cost is dramatically less...but the most important thing is finding quality providers...to give you an idea of the inflated costs in tianjin, for the first 5 months i paid exactly $3,694.06 as an 'international fee'...this goes to the foreign affairs office of the hospital for 'medical translation fees'...a woman from the office, who speakes lousy english btw, usually but not always came to my room twice daily in case i needed her to translate something into mandarin to or from the doctors...now keep in mind that the average time for each acupuncture visit is 5 minutes...wowza...do that math!...for this amount of money alone i could get a room in a chinese hotel for 5 months and get all the important tcm treatments as an outpatient...so why didn't i you could ask??...the 'limited corporation' that brings bodies with dollars over has it stipulated contractually that any american treated by the hospital must go thru, yeah you're catching on now, the 'limited corporation'...so here i be looking in beijing...more to come...best to all...richxxx



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