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Climbing up one more time!



Resuming the climb with my heart considerably lighter than the last time I wrote. Sometimes the smallest thing just sets me free from the mire of my despair. My yearly physical.


My Dr. isn't very thorough but she asks lots of health related questions. My answer to her "do you have?" questions is mostly "no". i thought my list of ailments seemed terribly long until I realized that the list of things I do not have far surpasses the do haves! :happydance:


My first check for my part of my hubby's RR retirement (like SS) is here! WOW! Some recognition for my part in Gary's career. Let the games begin!! :yukyukyuk:


The sun is shining and we're off to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia to visit Gary's family. Me and my scooter will visit all of the little touristy shops, shop for clothes (a favorite past time), read, and enjoy. As we have aged, the older people on the Island have died and it strikes me that at 61, we are the newest older people.

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Your pics are terrific - I agree - you have plenty of reasons, as we all do, to keep on keepin on. Great family photos. Hope your trip goes well and you enjoy cruisin through the shops as well as relaxing.

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