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I am keeping cool today, a 97 degree heat with humidity. glad I have A/C to work on my web page.


i consider it as a hobby of mine helping time pass quicker it's also a way to share. Funny thing about other day, I decided to change my background and realized all the work i did, all that writing.I have this caregiver who is dumber than a box of rocks but can she keep my home clean. Its nerve racking because I have a new transfer device, just like my old one but less strain on the person using it. It has 4 new features like brakes and you have to use them tranfering me in my recliner where I do web work. She knows about brakes the question is she going to remember to use them. i do remind people but she don't understand me. Anyway time to go

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They say patience is a virtue lol; but I can understand how difficult it can be with some people. Hopefully she remembers what to do, if not, you'll coach her...

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