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its 8:36 i chicken out


Trust me I have more patience than anyone. Its more a trust issue. When you can't talk you depend on a quick thinker. I no this person and I know danger. I had to call 911 to many times to get me off floor. She is one of those persons you look forward to coomming but I can't trust her witts. She can do this its me that has problem. Guess, i'm not over the trama of 911.


Watching that bridge disaster


Its hard to depend on some one who has no fast witts i guess



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I can totally relate to you. Trust is a hard thing to earn in my book. For the most part, my trust is only with my daughter. Perhaps it's because it's generally just me and her and I need to rely on her in case I get in trouble. I even experienced difficulty whenever I had a new therapist in physical therapy. Now that we've relocated closer to family I need to work on trust issues in letting others assist me.


It sounds like the gal is not too swift in the common sense department.


Good luck with her.

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