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still on my tiptoes



Well, I haven't posted her in a while because I couldn't figure out how to use this confusing site. Got it straightened out now and actually chatted with a few nw friends last night. tonight, I had my first dinner party since the stroke 3 years ago. I planned for a week and cooked for three days prior, today, I slept in late and then set the table and then took another nap for 3 hours. it went well, my neurologist's secretary, thhead stroke nurse at Penn and a menber of the neurology department at Penn all came for dinner. Neurologist was invited but his wife just had a baby so they were busy. We hgad a ham, potato salad, 7-layer salad date bars and pecan bars for dessert and I made the best lemonade you ever tasted!. it was a good time. I am reminded how lucky I am to have my husband who is such an intelligent and considerate man. He vaccumed, help clean up the kitchen in the absence of his mother and he is always happy to do these things for me. time for bed now it's 10:30

cathy :Clap-Hands:


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Welcome to the blog community Tascha, it is not easy to get started but soon it will become very easy and as it can be addictive I am sure we will all get to know you well.


The dinner party sounds great, you did a great job. It sounds like you made the plans and then were able to do it all with precision and finished up with a good result. Bravo!


I'm glad you have a supportive husband, family support does make a big difference. Even as a caregiver, or maybe especially as a caregiver, I need a lot of support, encouragement and kind words to keep me going.


It is nice that you had a chat last night too. I host chats on Tuesday nights so you are more than welcome to drop by and say "hi".



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A huge WELCOME to the Blog Community! As Sue said, it is addictive, but in a very good way. Blogging can be very therapeutic indeed.


Glad your dinner party was a success. Your hubby sounds like an Angel on earth - support is so vital in our recovery.

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Hi glad your dinner party was a success. :)


There are tutorials on almost everything here on site. I printed them out so I had directions to follow in the beginning.


At the top of the forums are the tutorials.. and the chat tutotial is in Classic Postings forum.


hope this helps you.

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hi cathy, it was so nice to meet you the other night in chat. we always have a good time and i hope to see you around more. your dinner party sounds like a huge success and you should be so proud of yourself that is a huge accomplishment. hopefully all will work out with your disability issue, i wish you the best of luck. hang in there.

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thanks, my disability has worked out I just heard that my appeal was approved and I can retire with no worries now.

I look forward to getting back on to chat again soon.

thanks for the welcome.


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hi Tascha:


did not get chance to welcome you when you joined wonderful world of blogging, your party sounds awesome, i's hats off to you for planning, inviting and actually going through with it. I am sure it feels whole lot better after throwing successful party even with disabilities.

It will be fun knowing you through your blogs, if you hjave any questions about blogs don't hesistate ask me.




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