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Finally Some Answers............

Kj mcmeekin


Chris has been having a terrible time with urinary problems. Finally I made up my mind and took him to a urologist. Not only has he been going crazy with all of this - but I thought I was gonna lose my mind!!!!!!! :ranting: I felt like all I did was hold the urinal!!!!!!!!!! I swear every 20 minutes to 1/2 hour he was yelling for it.


Well turns out he has a neurogenic bladder. Now I feel bad for getting so angry about his situation. I thought that he could control his bladder - sometimes it seemed like he would do things just for attention. But tests don't lie.


The urologist was a great guy - he really understood what I was going through as a caregiver. So Chris agreed to be cathed after the doctor explained to us that this problem would allow the urine to back up into his kidneys and there was a greater chance of kidney failure. This week he is supposed to have an outpatient procedure done - the doctor is going to place a pubic cath.


I noticed since Saturday Chris seems to be so much more at ease. Saturday night we where talking after we got home and settled and he said that he feels better because he doesn't have to worry anymore about having an accident and that he won't wake up in the morning soaking wet.


I can imagine (or even try to)what it must feel like to be such a young person and now all of a sudden having to wear briefs and losing control or waking up drenched. My self esteem would go right to the toilet.


Even though this has been really hard, Chris can still find something to joke about. He said to me tonight when our daughter got home from work - "Watch this" - "Hey Wen - tell your mom that I need her - I need to go to the bathroom" - and even though Wen knows that he had been cathed he really caught her off guard - and she yelled for me to come help him. He laughed his butt off. :roflmao: Finally she realized what he did and she turned - looked at him and said "You Brat!!!!!!!"


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So glad you went to the specialist and got the correct answers :) Gld Chris is ccepting of all this and will feel so much better. a BIG relief in all aspects to both of you.



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Glad you've gotten some answers and that Chris is able to have a sense of humor. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine. :Good-Luck:

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