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a good week



yipee, nothing troublesome so far this week. the repairman came today to fix the freezer and i found out it was an 87 model, so its 20yrs old and all it needs is a fan i think. the repairs will be less than buying a new one and it still remains cold on the bottom but he can't get the part till next week,but thats ok,at least its fixable without costing me my affected arm and leg. my husband is not to good at fixing things like that, bless his heart he tries but it ends up costing us more in the long run and hes the first to admit it. i better knock on wood before anything else goes wrong. the kids are just about ready to start back to school. my son's cat is inheat but oh well,i can handle that. besides she sings pretty when she screams,lol i'm curious to see how my fixed males are going to react to her. never a dull moment around here. i wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes to me, i needed them, sometimes life just piles things on you at times and i get so frustrated that i can't deal with them like i used to. but theres always tomorrow to look forward to, so i will. some times things aren't always as bad as they seem, i just need to remember that at times,instead of raising my blood pressure.


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Glad you had a good week.. other than the cat Yowling..lol We have several Vets in our area that do low cost neutering/spaying. Also we have a Thrift Shop run by the Humane society. they often have coupons and schedules for cats being "fixed" for $5.00 A female will continue to come into heat every month or 2 until she is either fixed.. or pregnant..


Good news on the freezer.


Hope next week is a good one as well.


No sometimes ... it is a lot of little things.. and then there is the last "straw"

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Glad to hear you're feeling better and had a good week xcept for the "kitty in heat". We had Crystal spayed in Tempe (clinic that offered reduced spaying and neutering) I'm sure there's one in your neck of the woods - you could call around or surf the web.


Glad too to hear your freezer is fixable w/o costing a small fortune.


Here's to hoping for continued "smooth" weeks ahead.

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