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One Day at a Time



What a week-end we've had! This past week-end Fellowship Hall celebrated it's annual conference of recovery. Now, I know if you've read any of my blogs or postings you've noticed my signature includes "Just for Today" That's because I'm not ashamed to tell you I'm a grateful member of Al Anon. The week-end was spent attending five speaker meetings with nearly 700 other folks living a 12-step program of recovery and healing. I am privileged to be a part of the Council of Fellowship Hall and we are the folks who do the many jobs required to make this week-end run. What a joy it was to see old friends and make new ones.


One really great aspect of this past week-end is that I was ABLE to help. Without Trey it would have been much more difficult. Bill was able to sleep Saturday and Sunday mornings while I slipped out to tend my duties at the conference. Our friends kept him company Friday and Saturday evenings. Since we weren't able to attend in 2005 and were only able to attend one meeting last year I'd have to say that although we don't see recovery on a daily basis for Bill, still almost three years out from his first major stroke he is doing better in some ways. Maybe I've just learned how to care for him so we can enjoy these events. Whatever the case we have much for which to be grateful.


This week-end was a huge stretch for Bill. He does not feel comfortable in crowds any longer. I know he doesn't. He never said a word about not wanting to attend. This year he truly was able to enjoy the speakers and the warmth of the program around him. Again, for this I am so grateful. Those of you who travel by wheelchair understand that it isn't the most convenient method for getting around in a crowd of 700 people in an area that is really suited for handling 500 comfortably. Everything worked out so smoothly, with folks moving aside as we rolled through. It was much safer than using his cane with his heminopsia. Folks don't understand as well that he runs into them because he does not see them - I think they need to make a white quad cane!!!


So, we will be extending our weekend because we purchased some CD's and are putting them on our IPod. Whenever we need a little sanity we'll just plug in and off we go! The 12 step programs have some great slogans and I'll close by share some of them with you. As you recover from your stroke(s) or care for someone who is recovering think about these a little while and a smile will come to your face.


How important is it?

Let go and let God.

Keep it simple

Easy Does It

Just for Today

One Day at a Time


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So glad to hear your weekend was successful and that you and Bill enjoyed the fellowship. Many years ago (in my pre-life) I received a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. Through all my classes, I learned we are all in recovery in some way in our lives. The Big Book can be applied to so many aspects. I applied the 12-step philosophy to areas of my life such as domestic violence; and was able to assist others through my Social Services employment. And, yes, that same philosophy helps me today.


Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as the words of wisdom. We're definitely in the One Day at a Time mode.

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happy you had great weekendat your conference, you know your blog and your wise writings about Al Anon makes me think that maybe I should attend this 1 atep program though I m not an alcoholic but I m sure this steps would greatly help me deal with life . No wonder why I love your blogs it comes with great insight on how to deal with life when going gets tough. I learnt another new slogan "This shall pass too"




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