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wow :]


439 views's been awhile and as you know my mom and I are residents of pennsylvania. Things here are pretty good we have a nice house and I have got to hang out with family alot. Mom seems alot happier which is all that matters to me and so crystal kitty. Me, ehh I miss my friends terrible but I'm sure once I start school things will look a wee bit promising.


I'm excited this week (16th) I go to register. Whoo hoo I'm finally a sophmore!! :D It's alot easier because I wanted to start off somewhere new and make new friends, so looks like I got my wish. My school is called Allderdice High and to me it resembles a jail ( just because I'm not used to an all indoor school). It's huge though, it has 4 floors and they have an indoor pool so thats cool. I'm going to be taking choir and orchestra as electives and hopefully ceramics too. I decided to take spanish or german and I'm going to attempt to take excellerated classes.


The only let down here has my uncle. It seems like before we moved here he loved me more ( just because he didnt have to deal with me) and he frustrates me sooo much. All I ask is if he can please take me school shopping and he says sure and then all he does is go to a bar and get wasted. He sure gets my vote for uncle of the year. I mean everyone has told me how much he brags about me yet he never says "I love you."


Well I'm off to bed I've been feeling a little tired today.


Why did the cookie go to the doctor?


He was feeling a little crumby :]


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Glad you re-surfaced in the Blog Community daughter of mine. You were productive last night after I turned in lol. Have patience with your Uncle. I'm sure he's still adjusting to having us in the same city after all these years. Everyone has their faults and bad habits - the local bar is his. He has done so much for us which you are well aware of. As you are getting older, the difference between females and males is becoming more prevelant. Your dear Uncle, my Brother, has always been a procrastinator and a "typical" male (sorry guys). Daughter, you are like me in so many respects and want things done YESTERDAY. Patience is a virtue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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hey Kristi:


so refreshing to see your blog, I am happy that you are settling in well and happy for your mom's happiness(I really ished I had daugter like you, oh well I will settle for great daugter-in-law) like you. About you uncle I agree with your mom, everybody has some good & bad habits and firgive and forget is bst deal till you start driving.




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hi kristi, i remember my sophomore year was such a big deal for me, you are growing up and have the best years ahead of you. i agree with your mama, you are finding out about men and their faults, i understand your frustration though, LIKE NOW UNCLE, LETS DO IT. i'm sure he is happy that his family is there now,he has 2 more people now needing his time, patience is hard to learn with men. he'll come around i'm sure. tempt him with food, cook him dinner and dessert and sweet talk him. hang in there, you still have time before school starts.

good luck.

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