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Those offkey sounds you heard were me



I had some time before the mail and lunch and there it was -as always- the piano. It's actually been a very long time since I played the piano, perhaps 40 years except when I'd play some 4 handed fun music with some kids I baby sat for. But today, no one was here and the windows were closed because of air conditioning and I thought I'd see if I had to count the spaces and lines to figure the notes on the music. There was a book of simple arrangements from Oliver so I sat down and surprised myself.......not perfect not timing exactly right (I can here my father even now) but it sounded pretty good and I didn't have to count spaces and lines or even look much to see where my fingers were. My Dad was a professional musician - a violinist, from the time he was very young and gave lessons at 9. He would sit in the next room, reading the paper, suffering through my practicing. Each wrong note would receive a remark like "no". "sharp" or "flat". He continued playing, as a second income, even after he became a chemist, married and had children, . The funny part was that he ran the gamat from Christmas Eve services in a Catholic Church to the burlesque!) I told myself since the right hand has the hardest part (but is the easiest to read for me) it would be good exercise. I enjoyed it so much, I may do it again and maybe by the time the windows are opened, I won't care if anyone walking by hears it.


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phyllis, don't worry about the windows just play the best you can. i also took a few lessons when i was young but now wished i had continued. a piano is one of my favorite instruments. the music it produces is beautiful to me. how special for you to grow up with a musician. i think it would be very relaxing for you to start playing again and who knows you may play from memory instead of reading the music. go for it if you have time. i think everyone loves to listen to a piano being played. you would be a hit at christmas time, playing christmas carols.

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Oh Phyllis just keep on playing.. I too love the sound of the piano..I think it would be good therapy for you and who cares if it's not perfect... good luck with you new endevor... you go girl

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Music is excellent therapy Girl - keep on playing!!!!! If I could sing "post" (not that I was that great pre but better than now), I'd accompany you. I too love the piano. When I was in elementary school, I briefly took up the clarinet in school - parents BEGGED me to stop LOL. Where my kiddo gets her violin playing talent I have no clue LOL.


Enjoy playing and serenade the world.

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