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College life so far



I will most likely add another entry later this week since classes don't start until Wednesday. Today was my 3rd day here. My move in was a success. My roommate has cerebral palsy so she walks with a limp so yaay I am not alone! and we get along pretty good. Satuday night we had a dance but I had no fun :( I just went to keep from being in my room. Sunday there was anoher event but once again I found it kind of boring and tonight yet another boring even kind of like a parade. Being that I am at a historically black college, there is a alot of school spirit and a lot of energy. Fayetteville State is historically the first black college funded by the state of North Carolina. The only problem is with me, I am not into all of the dancing and shouting so sometimes I feel like I don't belong here but I just remember classes start in a couple more days so all of the "fun" activities will be over soon. Anyway, it is so hot here in Fayetteville. Today the high was 101! I had to go to so many different workshops and walk to so many different buildings. I really do wish I could wear skirts or flip flops or sandals! I get so hot and tired. I started taking Centrum a couple of weeks ago but Im thinking about switching to One a day because I still do not have a lot of energy and the One a day commercials seem a little more convincing than the Centrum commercials. Other than all of the walking, the worst part of the day for me has become eating. 3 times a day I have to stand in long serving lines which I never had to do in high school so I am really not used to it. What makes it worse is that I have to hold a heavy tray then after I get my plates of food, I am struggling to carry a heavy tray with plates of food on top (only using my good hand) to the nearest table (which is usually empty so I end up eating by myself). No matter how thirsty I am, I have to eat all of my food first and then go get a drink because 1) the tray is too heavy for me to make it to the drink machines and 2) I do not want to leave my food sitting at an empty table while I am fixing my drink. I have used 3 different methods 1) only use a plate so I wont have to carry the tray also, 2) use a tray and a plate and just hold on best I can or 3) get a to-go plate so it will be lighter. But the only problem is with all of these I still have to go back to get a tray to put eveything on because we have to place our trays on this table which will dump the plates since there are no trash cans in there. Luckily, I have only been eating finger foods because the silverware is in a cart so I would be forced to put my plate (and tray somewhere else) while I get an eating utensil. Why does everything have to be so complicated! Another thing that annoys me is the ketchup and mustard machines are where you must use one hand to push the ketchip out of the machines and another hand to hold your food under the spot where the ketchup comes out. I have tried to do this using one hand but it is simply impossible without making a mess and I end up spilling more ketchup or mustard on the floor than my food. So today I ate a hotdog, hamburger, and french fries with nothing on it :( Well I guess thats all to complain about for now.

One more thing: Is there a virus on this site? Lately I have been receiving warnings from my anti virus software that it keeps blocking a trojan when I read the forums. Then today, when I tried to log in, I actually almost got a virus and I was forced to restart my computer. If anyone else has had these problems, please let me know.

P. S. S Just in case I forget to mention it in my next entry, I have an appointment next Tuesday because ssi or whatever wants to check and make sure I am disabled before my claim can go on or whatever and it is at 9:30 but I have an 11:00 class so I hope that works out for the best. If you all do nothng else, please just pray for my strength. The other day I had to break down and cry because I was aone in my room while everyone else was out having fun and I had no one to talk to and nothing to do. Thanks everyone.


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Glad to hear you and your roommate are are getting along - that's a definite positive. All else will fall into place. I understand you want to be totally independent; however, unless you ask for assistance, you are going to be eating food minus condiments. ASK for help. The other students or staff are not mind readers to know you need help. It doesn't make you less of a person because you do. Believe me, I know that firsthand - I'm sure others can empathize as well.


A rollator walker may work for you as you could place the tray on top of the basket. I'm sure, for you (which I can understand), you want to be like everyone else and carry your tray. That's ok, if you want to be a :juggle: after you graduate.


Yes, you are facing various obstacles at ther moment as everything is sooooooo new; but look at them as a challenge - which as you accomplish each one that's an added thing you you have worked through (even if it means someone is helping you, it's still been accomplished).


I'm sure you've heard the saying regarding the only stupid question is one not asked - well, the same can apply here. Ask for help - I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.


First day of classes tomorrow, Wednesday - YEAH!

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katrina, thats great you got settled in well and your roommate has a disability too. maybe you both can brainstorm together to find easier ways to do things, but as donna said, ask for help. you will be surprised. all of the walking around will only make you stronger, you will be a pro at it before long. you are a true inspiration to many, what you are able to do after a stroke. i will keep you in my prayers for the disability issue. good luck and keep up the good work. i know you can do it, you are a college girl now, wooohooo.

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It's great to hear you got moved in and have a compatible roommate. You will find ways to adapt Katrina and like Donna says, ask for help! There's nothing wrong with that and I too, understand you want to be independant. Can you talk to the Food & Beverage Manager of the Cafeteria and see if they make accomodations for the disabled? Wouldn't hurt to ask. Things will work out.

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glad you are settling well with your roommate and settling and struggling a bit in college life, I agree with Donna and phonix it's better to ask for help and ask food managerif you can get ketchup packs, I m sure they will glad to help out.



yo have come so far kiddo, so don't get discouraged by life's small challenges.




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I agree with all the others.. People cannot read your mind. If you ask nicely... you don't need a "woe is me attitude" You may be surprised how many people WANT to help but dont want to feel intrusive.


Same thing at the dance or activities, if you go there with the attitude, I'm just here so i don't have to be in my room attitude.. it is going to show..


Have a smile, start a conversation.. You have a new start and opportunity... GRAB IT .... don't sit on the side lines with your arms folded and don't come near me look.


You have to meet life half way...... or you will be stuck in the corner pouting for the rest of your life

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